July 18, 2013

Points East: Proud as a papa ... or a teacher

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — I usually wait until after the Kentucky State Fair to make this report, but this year there is some news that simply needs not to be postponed that long.

 If you’ve been a POINTS EAST reader for the last decade or so, you already know that Loretta and I run a photography day camp for 4-H kids, under the auspices of the Garrard County Extension Service, every year in June.  You also know we are so tired by the time the whole thing is over that we swear we won’t be doing it again because we’re getting too old to keep up with a bunch of 10 to 14 year old kids who are pumped up on soda pop and sugary stuff.   

 But when the weather is cold and dreary in January, we start talking about how much fun we had in photo camp last year and bumping ideas off each other as to how we could make it better this year and it takes very little convincing that maybe we ought to do it one more time.

 By the first of May, we are in full-steam-ahead, day-camp mode, all the while promising each other that this will, indeed, be the last year we do it because just can’t take it anymore.    

 And then we start talking about the kids who were there last year and how well they did at the State Fair after doing so well at the County Fair.  These kids don’t know it but we talk, behind their backs, about how wonderful they are, collectively and individually, and how talented they are and just how lucky we are to spend a scant few days in their lives. I can only hope that, one day down the road, they’ll feel good to have encountered Lo and me when they pull a camera — or a cane — out but that’s beside the point.

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