June 18, 2013

My Point Is: I Called You Friend

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — I called you friend

In good times and bad

Moments that were happy

and some that were sad

We celebrated and grieved,

Vented and strived

You left such an impact on so many lives

I called you buddy

When we were under the gun

In a war the world wanted so hard to shun

When Honor and Respect were nil and void

And Vietnam was a word everyone tried to avoid.

We held our heads low, as if in shame

Millions were killed, thousands were maimed

Respect came years later but the hurt still remained.

I called you brother

When life is a day by chance

And when “Protect and Serve”

Dictates the dance.

You gave me support no matter the task

In all situations, I knew you had my back

 We took our chances

And looked Death in the face

You always stood strong and kept up the pace.


I called you Dad,

Grandpa, Brother and Son

Long after your Heavenly flight has begun

You gave me love and taught me to give

And gave your own life

So others could live.


I called you friend

We cracked some jokes

Or perhaps shared a smile

A bright spot in a day

Of troublesome miles.


No matter the circumstances

No matter the time

I knew your friendship

Was an asset of mine

Your journey of service

Has now reached its end

And despite my sorrow,

I know I am blessed

To have called you my friend.


--In memory of Eddy Sizemore, 1952-2013,

and the other victims of Air Evac 109