February 6, 2013

Publisher's Notebook: My two cents might be worth more

By Willie Sawyers

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — With most everyone giving their opinion about the Super Bowl, gun control, the president and other hot topics, I might as well throw in my two cents worth.

Of course, if America does away with the penny, as Canada did recently, my two cents worth will no longer be relevant, because it will jump to five cents.

If that happens, it will be the first time something that I have in abundance — opinions — appreciates in value.

• Super Bowl winner: I was cheering for the Niners, but didn’t mind the Ravens winning. They played better and earned it. Besides, the oldest brother should win first.

• Interference or no interference: There was a lot of contact on the Niners’ fourth-down play, but it was a good no-call. One play did not lose the game for San Francisco. They didn’t start playing until after the power outage. Their questionable play calling and lack of execution in the red zone got them beat.

• Beyonce’s halftime performance: Long on visuals, but short on substance. I couldn’t understand a word she was singing, probably because my musical taste skews to somewhat older, say about 1976.

But I must concur with most critics who thought Beyonce and her performers were bootylicious. There was so much wiggling and jiggling going on, the halftime show should have been sponsored by Jello.

• Best Super Bowl commercials: 1. Newborn Clydesdale by Budweiser. 2. Farmer appreciation by Paul Harvey and Ram Trucks. 3. Joe Montana shirt stain by Tide.

Now, on to some national debates.

• Gun control: Banning assault weapons and large ammo magazines is not an attack on on Second Amendment rights. It’s a common sense approach to curbing the massacres that are currently pervading our society.

• Rand Paul for president: Yeah, right. His extreme views will resonate in some circles, but will prevent him from becoming a serious mainstream candidate for president. He would get fewer minority and immigrant votes than Mitt Romney did. As the economy improves, which it will into 2016, Paul and his ideals will become more irrelevant.

• Mitch McConnell vs. Ashley Judd: At first glance, it appeared she might have a chance against the incumbent senator. McConnell is vulnerable, and Judd is a popular, beautiful, UK Wildcat fan.

But her liberal views on coal, abortion and Obamacare would make it tough for Judd to win votes outside of Louisville and Lexington. Looks like Kentucky will be represented again by a pit bull, instead of a purring feline.

And some local issues.

• London’s failure to approve package stores: Corbin had a nice Christmas present in the form of $77,000 in liquor taxes for December alone. The forward-thinking city is on track to rake in more than a half-million dollars per year in liquor taxes, with a huge chunk of the sales coming from residents in London and Laurel County.

Corbin voted to allow package stores, then Somerset. London let a small minority make its decision, and ultimately, push it to the back of the bus where the view and the outlook is not as clear.

• Moving Nibroc from Main Street: IMHO, moving the annual summer festival from Main Street to other locations in Corbin will infuse Nibroc with a terminal illness. Death would come slowly, but inevitably. Remember, Nibroc was on life support before it moved to Main Street. More opinions on this subject later.

Opinions, opinions, everybody has them, no matter how misguided or uniformed. You may find that my two cents are not worth a dime, but at least I will sign my name to them and not hide anonymously in some slanderous Internet forum.

Save the penny!