July 24, 2013

My Point Is... We just can’t be pleased

By Nita Johnson
Staff Writer


The gasoline prices have soared as high lately as the temperatures, making the average consumer wonder if everyone is heading for the beach or the far north where one might find cooler temperatures.

But the northeastern section of the country has fallen prey to the same heat wave that has overhung our southeastern homes, and large cities of concrete and asphalt are reporting an even higher heat index than some of the rural areas of Appalachia.

Many folks have taken refuge in their own homes, or in their offices, from the intense heat that has plagued us over the past couple of weeks, basking in air conditioning units that skyrocket electric bills but make life a bit more tolerable.

Yet, it was just the week prior that we were complaining about too much rain. Torrents of rain on a daily basis were similar to the daily rains in Florida, except, once again, we southeastern Kentucky dwellers were left without the welcome beaches for which Florida can boast.

The heat has prompted casual conversations such as, “Is it hot enough for you?” or “I’ll be glad to see October.”

We the people are hard to satisfy. In spring, we dread the frequent rains and winds and high pollen count, in summer we complain about the heat and either too much or too little rainfall, in fall we don’t like the allergies and humidity that comes with the changing seasons, and in winter, we abhor the cold, snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

Is there a season that we really like? Is there a time of year that we appreciate the beauty of creation without having some criticism?

Probably not.

Each time of the year has its own characteristics, and not everyone will agree on which of those are the most favorable. Farmers, of course, like the spring and summer rains that keep their crops producing, while outdoor enthusiasts prefer the warm, sunny days that make the perfect setting for picnics, sports and camping. Summertime is the vacation season in which families load up the family vehicle and head to selected vacation spots, all hoping for the desired weather for their own interests.

The fall brings its share of rains with warm days, cooler nights, and falling leaves, along with school-related and professional sports. Winter creeps in to provide a two-week break for students during the Christmas holidays, while the work force prepares to battle snow and ice en route to work.

Even with this writing, the sky is turning gray and the thunder nearby is sending vibrations through the keyboard as yet another pop-up thunderstorm moves in.

I have an appointment and hope I don’t get caught in a severe downpour with lightning, but if the rain comes, I sure hope it cools the temperature down some.