January 3, 2013

You Get The Picture: A New Year, full of hope

By Magen McCrarey
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — A new year provides for us a lasting hope.  In the year 2013, there is much to be hopeful for despite the tragedies of 2012.

I’ve never been one of those New Year’s zealots who stay up to watch the big sparkly ball drop in New York City, drink bubbly champagne or dress up in something dazzling.  But I do take note of the new year in a dusty old notebook and begin my list of new hopes, scratch off those finally completed, and day dream about my future until the sandman comes to knock me out.

In 2012 I found spiritual obedience, love, and a new place to call home.  I voted against my chosen political party for the hope of economical stability, and chose to give more to charity.  I valued my time spent with family and my grandfather who is struggling with bone marrow cancer and a tumor at 90-years-old.  I further explored the Daniel Boone National Forest, the lakes of northern Michigan and the suburban streets of my childhood.

I couldn’t have asked for better experiences last year, yet my heart longs for more.

In 2013 I wish to re-kindle my joy for traveling, fly across oceans and overtop mountains.  I anticipate the potential to visit friends overseas or connect with them more frequently all the way from the U.S. to Belgium and Morocco.  I hope that many will discover the burning desire and sense of wonder that I feel so that they too may better understand the world that they live in.  

I believe it is the spirit of renewal that helps us all push on year after year, hardship after hardship.  We must not look back on the destruction, loss and worldly acts of violence that we have endured of the years we leave behind, because if we do, we allow fear to fester within our confidence in a better future.  It is hope that I have in my future that helps me move on from the people and places I leave behind, and it is the joy of the present that inspires me to use my work ethic and talents for the betterment of others.

You may have partied into the New Year, cuddled up on the couch with a loved one or gorged yourself with your favorite meal, but it’s not too late to jot a few things down on paper that gives you hope for the months to come, or inspires you to try something new.