January 24, 2013

You Get The Picture: We are people, not a political party

By Magen McCrarey
Staff Writer

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. — For a nation that is based upon unity for all, I find that we are seemingly quicker to find division.  The great divide widens greatly especially when the denominators of morality and money arise.

The first time President Obama took the oath of office, the U.S. was in the thick of an economic crisis and two wars.  Now following his second inauguration, the U.S. is in the thick of a battle to keep assault rifles on shelves while also securing that children in schools across the country are safe and sound.  Thousands of troops have been removed from the Middle East, yet so many still remain.  As far as the job market goes, it is continuing its slow sprint uphill while the economy continues to struggle downward.

Within the states, a divide in the south has emerged with Texas’ petition to secede (which was later denied).  Christian-based businesses are refusing to pay for newly required employee health benefits that will help cut the cost of contraceptives, and a Las Vegas company has reportedly laid off 22 employees because they couldn’t bear the burden of Obama’s health care law.

Just this month, a Utah business owner fired two employees because they supported the re-election of President Obama. In addition, he applauded another Utah business owner who charges liberals more for a drink at his smoothie bar.  

I find the slew of negative attitudes between Americans is astounding.  Personally, I find it amazing how one president can create so much inner turmoil.  He’s really hit his fellow citizens where it hurts when it comes to abortion, supporting gay rights and landing a large in-depth health care reform right into our pocket-pinched laps.  After all, the largest religion in the U.S. is Christianity, practiced by the majority of the population and as far as that population goes, there is no grey area — there is only right and wrong.

Although, I do applaud the President’s ability to press onward and make riveting speeches about progress.  He even used Abraham Lincoln’s Bible during his inaugural speech, as he did four years ago, as well as Dr. King’s Bible to honor the civil rights leader.  But reading from a Bible doesn’t make you legit nor does your denominational title — it’s your actions that matter.

Then again, in a nation that has a majority of Christians, God loving and God fearing people, how can there be so much hatred and division?  Perhaps those 22 that were laid off need to feed their children or are taking care of their aging parents at home, and just maybe those who were denied contraceptive compensation by their employers needed help to pay for it because they can’t afford to start a family just yet.  Also, I find it beyond petty that someone would refuse service to someone because of their political affiliation.

Before we are Democrats or Republicans, before we are rich or poor, we are simply people.  We all came into this world through the miracle of life and were lucky to not become a statistic of one of the millions of babies who have been aborted.  If we really believed this country was built upon unity, we would stand up for our rights in a respectful manner and let the majority rule.