Fischer Proffitt makes a basket for two points in the fourth quarter.

Photo by Rachel Johnson

The South Laurel Cardinals hosted the Letcher County Central Cougars on Saturday for a hot-shooting performance towards the 68-37 win.

“Letcher is a good team. They play physical, they got some size. But when you shoot as well as we did tonight, it’s just one of those snowball things,” coach Jeff Davis said. “Hopefully we can keep it going. We’ve been doing a lot of things in practice with shooting, and it’s good to see our guys are carrying that over.”

South Laurel (18-6) jumped out to the lead in the first quarter past Letcher Central (7-17) as JJ Ramey posted five three-pointers and Logan Madden scored two.

“It was good to see our guys shoot as well as we did,” Davis said. “I was really proud of our defense. I thought we really sat down and guarded well. We rebounded, shared the basketball, and recognized we had a guy really hot and was able to get it back to him.”

The 27-point quarter gave a heavy lead for South going into the second 27-10.

Matthew Cromer began the second with another three, as South’s eighth in the game. Ramey came close behind for another three-pointer to lengthen South’s lead by over 20 points.

Letcher Central gave a short run for four points, but a basket from Cromer on an assist from Ramey kept the Cardinals’ momentum going.

Ramey posted his seventh three 30 seconds later, which he followed with a basket on an offensive board soon after for a comfortable 44-20 lead at the half.

Ramey added three more three-pointers in the third quarter to equal a 10-for-12 performance on the perimeter Saturday. Ramey led the Cardinals with 32 total points.

Alex Hostettler added one more three on the last second of the third to give South 14 threes for a hot-shooting day.

South Laurel’s young guys closed the game and weekend win in most of the third and fourth quarter. Zach Allen made two baskets and Fischer Proffitt added on one to round out the 30-point win for South Laurel.

“It’s good to reward those guys. They take it just as seriously as the guys who start and get the majority of the minutes,” Davis shared.

“They do valuable stuff for us. Their role is not very flashy, but I reminded them in 2016 it was our bench who got our guys ready. When they are pushing our guys every day and not just going through the motions, it makes our guys better at practice then in the game,” Davis added.

South Laurel takes on Region 11 standout, Madison Central (21-6), on Monday at home.

“Coach Feldhaus is a legend, and his teams will guard you to where you don’t know where you end up. If you play timid, with your back turned and not be strong with the ball... they will eat you up.

“It’s a big challenge for us. It’s a game that is on our schedule every year at this time, and it’s there for a reason—to make us better and to find out what we need to work on before tournament. It’s going to be a test,” Davis commented.

South Laurel 68, Letcher County Central 37

Letcher County Central   10 10 10 7-37

South Laurel                 27 17 16 8-68

LETCHER COUNTY CENTRAL (37)—Boggs 8, Kincer 17, Raglin 12

SOUTH LAUREL (68)—Anders 2, Madden 8, Cromer 9, Ramey 32, Weaver 2, Norvell 2, Proffitt 2, Allen 4

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