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Kristen Newnham of Cornerstone Christian School gives Laurel County Animal Shelter Manager David Coffey $104 she raised. The money will be used to pay a veterinarian to neuter a shelter dog when it is adopted.

A Cornerstone Christian student helped her third-grade class win first place in projects made at school to celebrate the first 100 days of attendance.

Kristen Newnham, 9, raised more than $100 to help the Laurel County Animal Shelter’s spay and neuter program and did 100 minutes of community service.

Newnham said students created a variety of projects for the anniversary — one stuck 100 marshmallows together in the shape of a pyramid, one made a 100 matchbook card display, another made a snowman with 100 cotton balls, and another stuck 100 thumb prints together to form a caterpillar and drew legs on it.

Newnham got the idea for raising money for the shelter from her father, Chuck.

“My dad thought I could raise money for the animal shelter,” she said. “We set out a candy jar and everyone who donated money got a piece of candy. The students and people coming to the school gave money. It took us almost three weeks. We raised $104.24. I’m giving it all to the shelter.”

Shelter Manager David Coffey said he thinks the money should not go into the general fund, but used for a specific cause.

“I told her it would be great if the money could be used to neuter a dog for someone who wanted to adopt a pet but who couldn’t really afford the operation,” he said. “She thought it was a good idea.”

After Newnham gave the money to Coffey, he placed the candy jar— labeled with “Dogs Rule!” — on the counter at the shelter for anyone wanting to make a donation to the spay and neuter program. The cost of the operation for dogs is $100 and $65 for cats.

Newnham helped at the shelter in a variety of ways during her 100 minutes of service.

“We cleaned kennels, I fed the dogs and cleaned water bowls,” she said. “I had a good time. I would like to do it again sometime.”

Newnham’s mother, Mindy, said Kristen loves animals.

“We’ve always had animals in the house,” she said. “We just had our dog to pass away. We’re going to replace him soon. We’re probably going to adopt from here. This is where we got our dog nine years ago.”

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