COOKING LAUREL COUNTY STYLE: Let's celebrate our heroes today!

Shelby Sizemore

Good morning! Veterans Day is a very special day, acknowledging with gratitude all of our brave men and women; those from long ago and those who are with us still. They never hesitated to put their lives on the line when America was in distress ...some lived, some gave their lives; every single one is a hero.

I have a picture of the Memorial Statue near Arlington Cemetery portraying six Marines planting our flag in foreign soil. The mountain where the flag was raised on Iwo Jima was used as a vantage point by the Japanese to direct artillery fire down on our soldiers as they landed on February 19, 1945. The battle lasted 36 days, history tells me, but on the fourth day of the invasion our soldiers took over that mountain and raised our beautiful flag...several hours later, they raised a larger flag and that was the picture we see.

One of those Marines was a Kentuckian, Frank Sousley, 20 years old, and 31 days after reaching Iwo Jima he was killed by a Japanese sniper. He is buried in Fleming County in Kentucky (my brother was killed on Feb. 25, 1945 in Lovenich, Germany and he is buried in Laurel County.) Those two would have had a lot to talk about, don't you think?

I know.....I usually can't boil water without burning it, but I got all this information from "All About History" and "Live Science" sites that I believe are knew I couldn't have remembered all these facts!

Got this great recipe from my buddy, Darla Harp, who moved off to Georgetown where she still carries the mail. It's easy and delicious.

Darla's Chicken Pot Pie

Rinse 1 (16-oz) bag frozen broccoli, carrots & cauliflower (I like peas & carrots) under cold running water to separate and drain well. Melt 1/3 cup butter in saucepan and stir in 1/3 cup flour, 1/3 cup chopped onion, salt and pepper. Cook until bubbly and thickened. Stir in 1-3/4 cup chicken broth and 2/3 cup milk. Cook, stirring often, until it boils and thickens - then add the vegetables and 2 to 3 cups chicken breast which has been cooked and torn into pieces. Pour into a deep dish pie pan lined with 1 refrigerated pie crust. (I use my 10" iron skillet and it's good.) Top with another refrigerated pie crust , turn edges under and press to seal. Cut vents in top and press edges of crust with fork to make sure it's sealed. Bake about 35 minutes in a 425 degree oven, or until golden brown. Sometimes I add frozen pearl onions to the vegetables instead of the chopped onion. It might run over if you don't use a pretty deep baking dish.

I think of sweet Pansy Harris often, a friend of many years. She posted this powerful poem on Facebook a few years ago. I have tried online to see who wrote it, but so many different ones had been written that I gave up. Here are the last few lines of this unforgettable poem:

"We grew up at the best possible time, a time when the world was getting better, not worse. We are the Silent Generation - 'the last ones'. More than 99% of us are either retired or deceased, and we feel privileged to have lived in the best of times". See you soon.

Shelby Sizemore has written cooking columns for The Sentinel-Echo previously in 1999 to 2001 and in The Times-Tribune from 2008 to 2011. With many years of experience cooking, Sizemore loves to share her knowledge in the kitchen and her recipes. You can contact her at

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