Dawson Bowling sat in class Wednesday working on a homemade, Titanic-themed board game. With his face just inches from the poster board, the Johnson Elementary student was the picture of focus.

But when asked how he was enjoying GT Camp, Bowling’s concentration broke into a smile.

“It’s fun,” he said.

Bowling’s was the universal response among students who attended the camp, which is reserved for Laurel County’s gifted and talented elementary and middle school students. The camp was Tuesday to Friday at London Elementary.

During the week, teachers challenged students to a number of projects — from building rockets to filming stop animation movies to dissecting sharks.

This year, there are 215 students participating in the camp.

In scrapbooking class, Kaleigh Peterson was busy gluing photos and shapes.

“I think it’s really fun because you get to make your own stuff,” she said.

While she loves scrapbooking, she has also enjoyed mythology class.

“We learned how to say our names in Latin,” she said. “I’m Kaleigha Adamus.”

In the gym, students were busy taking aim during archery class, with teachers Darren McWhorter, Larry Welch and Kevin Rossman controlling students’ movements by using a whistle.

“They’ve been doing great,” McWhorter said. “Some of them have made great strides ... There’s some opportunities for kids to go on through archery and possibly make a career out of it.”

This afternoon, students will show off what they’ve learned and worked on at GT Camp. Parents are invited to view students’ work in the London Elementary library from 3:15 to 4 p.m. The performance “Shakin’ It Up With Shakespeare,” for which students spent the week preparing, starts at 4 p.m.

Staff writer Tara Kaprowy can be reached by e-mail at tkaprowy@sentinel-echo.com.

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