TRACES OF LAUREL: <span>Local restaurants in the '50s</span>  

As I was finishing the Pitman series I debated on about what to feature next in this column. I know I want to finish two series (“The Sixth Jail and Its Jailers” and “Schools in the Colony Area”) which I started in 2019 but stopped because COVID restrictions made research difficult. With restrictions lifted and people traveling again I considered writing about some of the motels and restaurants in the area but I wasn’t sure where to start.

When I was at the courthouse researching the jail, I found a book of receipts for permits for places of amusement in the county. This book began in October, 1954 and stopped in the early 1960s. I used that book to provide the list at the end. This list doesn’t include every restaurant which was located here during that time. It only lists the ones who paid $10 for a permit. Any business which opened prior to that time will not be shown. There is also a possibility that some of the places which obtained permits never opened. Many of them were probably only in business for a brief period.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s. When I was young, “eating out” meant you took a blanket outside and had a picnic. We rarely ate in restaurants. The only restaurant on this list at which I recall eating is the first one. The 229 Truck Stop was near my home. Hale’s restaurant was located across the road from my home but I only remember it as a residence. I recall hearing about a few of the other restaurants on the list, but I do not know anything about most of them. If I find additional information, I will share it with you in a future column.

After the restaurant name is the name of the person who received the permit and the date of the receipt. The owners/management changed on some of these so I only listed the first person to get the permit. An * means I had difficulty reading the writing.

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