Berea hosts Walk with a Doc program 

Berea residents take part in last week's Walk with a Doc program with Dr. Louisa Summers. 

In the age of COVID-19, developing new friendships and socialization can be just as difficult as maintaining physical health. A local program is hoping to change that.

Berea now has a local chapter “Walk with a Doc" program, and according to organizers, people are taking notice.

Five residents participated in the second session of the community based program last week.

"Walk with a Doc not only benefits attendees physical health through walking, but also allows participants to safely interact, in accordance with social distancing and CDC guidelines. In the unique program, attendees can benefit their health while also meeting new people in a time where this may seem impossible," a release noted.

The program has 500 chapters all across the world and aims to “educate, exercise, empower.” Walk with a Doc’s website cites according to the surgeon general guidelines, walking is “one of the single most important things we can do for our health”. At the beginning of each walk there is a presentation led by Dr. Summers about one of the health benefits of walking.

Last week, Dr. Louisa Summers gave a presentation about how walking can benefit neurological health. She stated physical activity can help the brain’s long term memory, while also getting us away from our computers and blue light for a change. Summers explained that “there are over 100 healthy reasons to walk”.

Resident can join the Walk with a Doc Program this Friday at 9 am to hear a short session on “Walking inside: Taking steps around your living room counts and may lower your risk of dying prematurely” (Reynolds, G. 2020, April, 4. Stuck inside? Keep Walking. New York Times). Walk with a Doc invites people of all ability and ages to take this opportunity to meet new people, learn and ask questions about health.

The program meets every Friday at 200 Harrison Rd in Berea.

For more information about the Walk with a Doc program please visit: and contact: Dr. Louisa Summers email:, and for specifics about program contact Skyllar Gayhart. Email:

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