State officials taking steps to protect vulnerable populations from COVID-19; 2 more test positive  

With the sudden closing of schools throughout Kentucky for the upcoming weeks to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, working parents, especially those with young children, now have the added stress of finding a place for their children to go during the working hours.

For many parents across the state, school isn't just a place for their kids to go get an education, it's where their kids go for everything from food to supervision while they're away at work.

Dane May, an IT technician, is thankful for having helpful family members nearby.

"Me and my wife both work full-time jobs, she also has a part-time side job that takes up time as well. We're fortunate enough to have family that is able to help if the schools are closed for an extended amount of time," he said on Friday. "We're lucky that both my parents and my wife's parents would be able to watch the kids if need be. I'm not an expert, but I think it's the right choice to close schools in the long run. I'd rather be extreme to the point of safety than lax to the point of hazardousness."

Raymond Miles, the clinical director of Recovery Works London, will be relying on his older daughters to take care of his youngest daughter.

"My wife and I have three daughters. We're counting on them to take care of each other. The elder two are teenagers and the youngest is 9. When one of your kids can drive and has a cell phone it makes things a whole lot easier," he said.

Paige Garrison, a social media marketing and web site maintainer, is in a taxing situation due to the situation.

"It's hard. Very hard. Outside of school and daycare, I have no dependable sitters to help me out," she said. "So, if my kids are home, I'm going to be home too. That obviously puts a financial strain on me and my girls. Both of my kids are enrolled in daycare, it's going to be open next week, but closed for cleaning after that. Having everything up in the air causes a bit of anxiety because I don't know exactly what's gonna happen from one day to the next. The best way I've dealt with it is to live one day at a time and try to plan around it as best as I can."

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