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After releasing the below press release, Christian Health Center released the following clarification:

We have no new cases of COVID 19 in our resident population (47) and the person who was originally hospitalized was not hospitalized relative to COVID 19.

We are also holding steady with our employees. During the June 24th testing we did identify 8 employees however we have a total of 13 who were identified right before or right after. (We aren’t climbing in counts).


CORBIN — The Kentucky Department of Public Health continues to coordinate with the Knox and Laurel County Health Departments to support an outbreak of COVID-19 infection at the Christian Health Center in Corbin. Results of the June 2nd campus-wide testing for staff and residents were negative for the virus. Testing was repeated on Wednesday, June 24th which confirmed 47 residents and 8 staff were positive for COVID-19. All residents, families, and staff were immediately notified. The facility has reported one resident has been transferred to an area hospital and 5 additional staff have tested positive. Staff who test positive continue to be isolated and under the care of their personal physician. Residents who tested positive have been isolated at the Center and are receiving specialized care.

Dr. Steve Morton, MD, Medical Director of the Christian Health Center in Corbin and an Internal Medicine Specialist, said, “Working with the state and healthcare professionals inside the Christian Health Center, I can assure you of everyone’s commitment to providing excellent care and supporting a good outcome for the residents.”

President and CEO of Christian Care Communities, Mary Lynn Spalding, added, “We plan to retest residents and staff later this week to monitor our progress as we continue to be aggressive in our virus protection protocols to ensure the appropriate infection prevention measures are in place to slow and limit the spread of COVID-19.”

A team of infection preventionists and epidemiologists have been conducting consultations, assessing practices, and providing technical assistance and support regarding infection prevention, the use of personal protective equipment, and staffing recommendations since timely notification was provided to the state.

Billie and Elsie Andrews of Corbin, chose Christian Care Communities for Billie’s care and he’s been a resident for three years. He tested positive for COVID-19 and is receiving specialized care during his recovery period. Their daughter and son-in-law in Maryland also recently tested positive and are recovering at home. Elsie said, “This triple diagnosis has been devastating to our family. The staff at Christian Care are like family and we have all prayed together during this difficult news. I’m in touch with staff every day and I appreciate all they’re doing to get us through this.”

Spalding went on to say, “Christian Care Communities staff have been like family to the elders in our care. The local staff is being supported by Christian Care’s statewide team as well as the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Office of the Inspector General. As a faith-inspired team, we will most assuredly come out stronger on the other side of this and everyone has our commitment to always communicate transparently and be diligent in our care”

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