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Two areas will soon become part of the City of London, after city council members approved the measure during a special-called meeting on Saturday.

The first property is a section at the intersection of KY 192 and Boggs Road, more commonly known as the Saddlebrook area. That area adjoins current city limits just over Interstate 75 Exit 38. The request to annex was made by the owners as a voluntary annexation and would include the Saddlebrook shopping center.

The council approved the annexation unanimously.

The other section goes along U.S. 25 from Levi Jackson Park entrance to the intersection of U.S. 25-South and U.S. 25-East, more commonly known as “Malfunction Junction.”

That particular annexation had been discussed in previous meetings but the resolution and first reading had not yet been approved.

That annexation, however, is an involuntary annexation. Involuntary annexation is a means for cities to expand their realms.

That ordinance passed unanimously as well.

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