District 1

No candidate returned survey. Candidates on the ballot are Granville Gambrel, Joseph Smith, Russell Napier

District 2

Steve Cornn

Elected office sought: Constable District 2

Party affiliation: Republican

Incumbent: Yes

Occupation and current employer: Co-owner and operator of Southeast Truss Inc.

Education: Graduate of Corbin High School, studied architectural design at University of Kentucky an Eastern Kentucky University

Memberships: Vice president of the National Wild Turkey Federation (London Chapter)

Family: Carol (wife), Aaron (son), Rebecca (daughter). Son of Doug and Faye Cornn

Current constable of District 2

Please identify the top three issues you would face if elected:

1. Drugs were and still are a major issue in our community. Most crimes are a direct result of drugs. I will strive to continue to deter drug activity and keep our community safe.

2. I will continue to do regular patrolling to curb traffic related problems such as speeding. I will saturate areas with patrol when complaints are reported. Residential and businesses will be patrolled regularly and checks made when requested. Resident may also request that house checks be made when out of town or when suspicious activity is noted.

3. I will continue to do everything possible to keep our district safe. A safe community is the responsibility of every resident, working together we can achieve this goal. All information shared with me will be kept confidential and will be acted upon.

I am a working constable. My duty as constable is about helping people, not only the people of District 2 but all citizens of Laurel County.  Being  constable is not about packing a gun and it is not about running up and down roads with blue lights flashing.

Name:  Richard Sapcut

Elected office sought: Constable, District 2

Party affiliation: Republican


Occupation and current employer: Retired

Education: Graduate Odessa Permian High School, Texas, 1987, attending American Military University have completed 87 semester hours in military police studies, graduate US Air Force Security Police training 1987, graduate US Army Military Police training, graduate US Army Advanced None Commissioned Officer School, graduate Oklahoma Law Enforcement Police Academy 1991, completed Kentucky Criminal Justice Basic Officer Skills 2007, graduate Federal Bureau Prisons Academy, completed Kentucky Criminal Justice Fire Arms Instructor training, completed Kentucky Criminal Justice PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor training, completed NRA Fire Arms Instructor training for Law Enforcement Officers, completed FBI SWAT team training, completed US Army Special Response Team training, completed Lexington, Ky., Emergency Response Unit training.

Memberships: Attending Faith Baptist Church, member Comanche Nation Indian Tribe, member Osage Nation Indian Tribe, member Comanche Indian Veterans Association, Desert Storm United States Air Force military veteran, Kentucky Army National Guard veteran, United States Army Reserve veteran, Coach South Laurel Middle School Football, Law Enforcement Medal of Honor recipient, Law Enforcement Life Saving recipient

Family: Rachel (wife), Between us we have 6 children, Madelyn Willoughby,

Brenton Willoughby, Kenzie Lawson, Ariel Tunnell, Cody Sapcut, Stephanie Sapcut

Please identify the top three issues you would face if elected:

1. Not knowing who our constable is, what the constable does, and lack of training constables have. As constable, I would implement a community policing plan with routine patrols and ensure my vehicle and uniform have a professional appearance, so that I am easily recognized. I would publish my duties and start a Facebook page for suggestions and comments to better keep community members informed. I would be the only constable in Laurel County that has beens state certified and academy trained as a police officer. I would attend training to maintain standards for the State of Kentucky.

2. Traffic in front of Hunter Hills Elementary. Due to limited resources, the Sheriff’s Department is unable to provide traffic control. Hunter Hills has the largest elementary student enrollment in southern Laurel County. It is the only school in District 2. Accidents happen frequently. This is where the constable should have stepped up and took up the traffic control position in front of the school. If elected I will position my vehicle in front of the school mornings and afternoons, to provide traffic control. Our children are our most important resource. As well as a top priority of mine.

3. How to best help aid and assist our local law enforcement officers. Officers our trying to battle the drug problem and in many cases find themselves responding to stressful as well as dangerous situations. As an academy trained police officer and 20 law enforcement veteran, I know the proper procedures. I will be able to provide backup assistance in a manner they are familiar with. My job will be to provide a service to the community that has elected me. This position is a full-time position and should not be done on a part time basis or hobby.

Others on the ballot: Kenneth Hutton

District 3

No candidate return survey. Candidates on the ballot are Jimmy L. Lewis, Christopher L. Webb

District 4

Name:  Carl R Cheek

Elected office sought: Constable 4th district

Party affiliation: Republican

Incumbent? No

Occupation and current employer: EC Porter’s IGA, Maintenance / Security  30 years

Education: High school

Memberships: Swiss Colony Fire Dept.  25 years  Lieutenant / Firefighter  over 2,000 hours of training. Including drivers, radio communication, traffic control , Incident command, CPR , first aid , and more

Family: Two Children Jennifer Sims, Steven Cheek 31, four grandchildren:  Bradley and Jaxon Cheek, Maddie and Brody Sims

Please identify the top three issues you would face if elected:

1. Drugs. I will work with all other law enforcement to help battle the war on drugs.

2. Theft and speeding. Will patrol all of the 4th District in a marked cruiser.

3. Community Service. I will assist fire departments, EMS , rescue, and all law enforcement when needed.

Name: Clifford Caldwell

Elected office sought: Constable District 4

Party affiliation: Republican

Incumbent: No

Occupation and current employer: Construction, self employed

Education: Ninth grade

Memberships: Wood Creek Bass Club

Family: Engaged to Amy Pack, step children Printice Pack and Joseph Carroll

Please identify the top three issues you would face if elected:

1. The drug problem. Try to get anti-drug coalitions made up of people of the district to develop a comprehensive approach to substance abuse issues and try to get addicts the help they need and try to work with churches to start programs to get them in church.

2. School safety. Doing patrols around the schools during when schools are busiest to help safe guard our kids.

3. Theft: Have nightly patrols around the district because the presence of being around will be a deterrent to a thief.

Name: Edward Allen

Elected office sought: Constable, District 4

Party affiliation: n/a

Incumbent: n/a

Occupation and employer: Disabled

Education: Ninth grade

Memberships: None

Family: One son and one daughter

Please identify the top three issues you would face if elected:

1. Try to stop drugs, meth, drug dealers

2. Started neighborhood watch around District 4

3. Be available 24/7. If anyone needs me just call 606-687-8912. Be best constable District 4 has ever had.

Name: Dwayne Huff

Elected office sought: Constable District 4

Party affiliation: Republican

Incumbent: No

Occupation and current employer: Vision RV

Education: Laurel County High School

Memberships: I belong to CD Ward Masonic Lodge and am a member of the Shriners

Family: n/a

Please identify the top three issues you would face if elected:

1. Helping fire, law enforcement, EMS in anyway I can to provide better service to this district.

2. Will be doing more patrols of roads, churches, schools and cemeteries, and doing elderly check.

3. If elected I will be here for my district anyway I can for this is my home district. So I will do what is in my power to make it safe and will help wage the war on drugs in our district. I have a lot to give to my district and the people of it.

Others on the ballot: Hank Vaughn, Travis Gregory

District 5

Name: Ryan Proffitt

Elected office sought: Constable 5th District

Party affiliation: Republican

Incumbent? No

Occupation and current employer: FedEx

Education: GED

Memberships: n/a

Family: Wife, 2 children

Please identify the top three issues you would face if elected:

1. Do more patrolling to try and help out more on trying to cut down on stealing.

2. Serve papers to help out local law enforcement so they are not tied up all the time.

3. Help law enforcement on calls so it don’t use more than one of them on each call so they can be in multiple places at time of needed.

Others on the ballot: Harley R. Hammack

District 6

No candidates returned survey. Candidates on the ballot are David Griffith and Bobby “Bubba” Hall

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