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In London, there were 368 sightings of the American goldfinch. However, the cardinal won the state count.

In the Great American Backyard Bird Count held last month, the American goldfinch was the species that was counted most in Laurel County.

In the bird count, the viewing areas were broken down by cities. Results were taken from London, Lily, East Bernstadt and Corbin.

In London there were 368 sightings of the American goldfinch, 317 of the wild turkey and 109 of the American robin. In Lily there were 28 sightings of the European starling; East Bernstadt, 40 of the American Robin; and Corbin, 43 of the American crow.

London reported a total of 1,339 sightings of 39 different species; Lily, 40 with five species; East Bernstadt, 130 with 21 species; and Corbin, 119 with 20 species.

The cardinal was the most popular bird in the whole state with 45,502 counted. Next in line were mourning doves, dark-eyed juncos, downy woodpeckers, American goldfinches and blue jays.

Laurel was in the top 10 for the number of checklists turned in throughout the state.   

“The number of checklists and the number of birds counted were down for the entire state of Kentucky, however, it is thought that our unusually bad winter contributed to the number of birds,” said coordinator Wendi Allen, Backyard Birds.

“This count is one of the most valuable pieces of information used to give detailed data on bird populations, habitat, wintering areas and conservation efforts throughout the Cornell University Project and the entire preservation of our bird friends,” she added.   

Local as well as state and North American totals can be viewed at Backyard Birds on south U.S. 25. They may also be viewed by going online to For more information, call 330-0606.

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