Two KSP Arrests

A complaint on Fisherman Cove Road led to a double burglary arrest for Kentucky State Police at Post 11 in the early evening hours of Sunday, Sept. 14.

At approximately 5:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon, KSP Post 11 received a complaint from Fisherman Cove Road, about six miles northwest of downtown London. Dispatchers reported that a homeowner had come to an owned residence where she did not live for a routine checkup, only to discover two men loading items from the home into a blue truck.

The victim advised dispatchers that she had not given permission to any- one to enter the residence or remove any of its items.

Trooper Ben Graves responded to the call, and upon his arrival at the address on Fisherman Cove Road, discovered two men identified as Travis Abner, 23 of London, and Nathaniel W. McDowell, 20 of London, with the residence’s stove, deep freezer and other similar items loaded into the back of a blue truck.

Trooper Graves also discovered a twelve gauge shotgun located behind one of the truck’s seats while checking to see if the men had stashed anything else.

“The shotgun was a New England Firearms twelve guage,” Graves reports. “When checking [the gun’s serial number] in the National Crime Information Center [NCIC], the gun was confirmed to be stolen.”

Graves reports that the two men admitted to taking items from the house and that they did not have permission from anyone to do so.

Both Abner and Graves were arrested and charged with second-degree burglary; first-degree criminal tres- passing; receiving stolen property, firearm; and receiv- ing stolen property under $500.

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