COOKING LAUREL COUNTY STYLE: Busy days call for a stir fry

Shelby Sizemore

What a wonderful sound a few days ago, hearing those raindrops falling....turning into a downpour! Here, in Kevin Whitaker's Greater Laurel River Metro Area, we are enjoying the first rain in many weeks. Rain falling down, Bob Dylan telling us a story in song....I'm really enjoying my day. What have you been up to? I hope you've been making something delicious and you'll tell us about it. I love visiting with you, but can't understand why you never invite me in for a cup of coffee....oh, well.

My friend of many years, Sue Honchell, is looking for a good way to make a good stir fry, with chicken, vegetables and rice. Can you help her on this?

Sue was my sister's bestest friend in our school days; really cute little blonde, she was (and "is").

I have a recipe for a stir fry which I made almost weekly when I put in long work days. If I didn't eat it all, it was just as good warmed up the next night. Got to thinking about it when Sue mentioned stir fry and I had it last night...still love it! I don't like giving you recipes which you might find really bad, but know it is something which I like very much. (Does that give me a pass?) Here's my recipe, which was in the Hometown Recipe insert which was once in this newspaper.

Chinese Style Chicken Rice

3 eggs

2 stalks chopped celery

1 medium onion, chopped

cooking oil

4 cups cold cooked rice (for some reason, cold rice does better)

2-3 cups cooked chicken, cut in strips (I cut mine in small chunks)

thyme to taste (I like a lot!)

soy sauce (Use plenty!)

Beat the eggs with a little water, spread in a large greased skillet to make a thin omelet-type egg. When well done, remove from skillet; when cool, cut into strips; set aside. Saute celery and onion in a small amount of oil; add rice, chicken, thyme and soy sauce. Heat thoroughly and fold in the strips of egg. When I'm eating it, I always have to add more thyme and soy sauce. This recipe is easy to cut in half, which is what I always do when I try something new...I've even cut a recipe into 4ths. The original recipe says to add snow peas, baby corn or strips of red pepper but I've never tried.....don't ruin a good thing! Another thing - I never get the egg thin and in one piece; I just cut in half to turn; whatever it takes to make the thin egg get cooked..

Thankful for the good rain, thankful for all of's our laugh (or cry) for the day: "I did a push-up today. Well, actually I fell down, but I had to use my arms to get up, so....close enuf." Bye for now!

Shelby Sizemore has written cooking columns for The Sentinel-Echo previously in 1999 to 2001 and in The Times-Tribune from 2008 to 2011. With many years of experience cooking, Sizemore loves to share her knowledge in the kitchen and her recipes. You can contact her at

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