COOKING LAUREL COUNTY STYLE: My fly-trap mishap...

Shelby Sizemore

Good morning, friends! I'm sure you're familiar with the fly sticks, which I cannot do without during the summer months. I hang one on my porch and rarely does a fly pass it up to get inside.

I know, dying glued to a stick is a cruel way to go, but you either kill them or they drive you insane.

I opened my new one up, and sat it down until I could find my honey to pour in the bottom of the stick to entice works so well! I found my molasses (Yeah, it works, too) and began dribbling a bit of it into the trap. First time ever, the wobbly thing fell on its side, directly onto my plastic grocery bag which I had put under it.

I held it up, with that big bag hanging onto it, and attempted to detach it. I would pull and pull until I got some of it loose, then it would grab on somewhere else.

After many moments of fighting this "no win" situation, I realized I would never get that bag off. I had glue all over my hands by then, so I grabbed my scissors and started snipping little bits of the bag off of the trap...that stuff is so strong that I believe it would work as well as concrete if you were building a house!

Finally, after one big scream, (I was alone, thank goodness) I hung that ridiculous thing up, There it is, swaying in the breeze, with little bits of grocery bag covering at least half of it. A fly would have to be wanting molasses really bad to get around the pieces of plastic to attach themselves to the glue.

I know, this was a stupid thing to write about, but I thought it was time we had a moment to forget our troubles for a little moment in time...even if it does prove what a crazy gal I am! That truly is how my day has gone so far. I surely hope yours was more relaxing and enjoyable.

I'd love to sneak into your kitchen right now and see what's for lunch. I'll bet it's something good, and I hope you will tell us about it. This sandwich I'm posting is one of the few I have concocted (is that even a word any more?) but it is a favorite of my son, James. I hope you try it, and I hope you like it! As I've said before, it's kind of scary to put out a recipe I love, when you might think it was the worst thing you ever made. That's the chance I take, but I still love talking recipes. Cookbooks and recipes have been my hobby since I was a young girl....and that's "a purty" long time!

Chicken Pita bread Sandwich

In a heavy skillet, melt about 1 tablesp. each of butter and vegetable oil. Cut 4 or 5 chicken tenders into bite size pieces and saute over medium high heat until it begins to brown; stir around often. Cut a small onion into chunks and add to the lightly browned chicken, along with Weber's n'orleans Cajun seasoning (Use plenty) and Lawry's seasoned salt (Not as much) and cook on lower heat for a few more minutes. Lay 2 or 3 Pita breads (Not halved ) face down on the chicken, put a cover over loosely until bread is heated. While it heats, very finely chop some tomato and cucumber , salt to taste. and put in a small bowl. Lay the Pita's, top side up, on plates and divide that luscious chicken mixture over them. The lucky individual eating them can put tomato and cucumber on as they like, and then drizzle Ranch Dressing over top. Eat with a fork and knife, of course.

Chadwick Boseman, the actor, who seemed to be a very good person and certainly a brave one, recently died of cancer and was a young man with his whole life in front of him. He left us these impressive words to remember: "Inhale and exhale this moment, and thank God for the unique beauties and wonders of the day. We should take advantage of every moment we can to enjoy the simplicity of God's creation, whether it be clear skies and sun, or clouded over with gloom." Bye for now.

Shelby Sizemore has written cooking columns for The Sentinel-Echo previously in 1999 to 2001 and in The Times-Tribune from 2008 to 2011. With many years of experience cooking, Sizemore loves to share her knowledge in the kitchen and her recipes. You can contact her at

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