Wyan-Pine student Martina McClure donned this outfit election night at the Republican Party’s celebration of Mitch McConnell’s re-election Nov. 4 in Louisville. Several photographers took her picture and it later appeared on prominent Web sites.

Martina McClure, who is a 9-year-old student at Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School, attended the 2008 election ceremonies at the Galt House in Louisville.

She likes to be involved in elections, to hear what the candidates are going to do and helping them get elected. She attends groundbreakings, gives out stickers at Lincoln Day dinners and attended Fancy Farm last year for ex-governor Ernie Fletcher.

Her parents, Donna and John McClure, accompanied her to the election ceremonies, along with her brothers, Donavon and Johnathon McClure, and her cousins Danielle Beckner and DeMarcus, Elijah and Isabella Butler.

Her patriotic apparel, including a hat she adorned with a Mitch McConnel sticker, drew the attention of several photographers who snapped her picture on the night of the election. The photos have been seen been on several Web sites, including USA Today, Louisville Courier Journal, Yahoo, UK MSN News and

The following is a story Martina McClure wrote in school about her election 2008 experience:

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, I went to Louisville, Ky., for the presidential election and United State senate returns.

I stayed with my family at the Galt House in suite 350. My aunts and cousins also went. First we went to a private reception for Sen. McConnell, his staff and their families. At the reception I got a really cool blue hat. I put a McConnell sticker on the hat. I had a new beautiful red dress my mom had bought me. Then we went to congressional candidate Anne Northrup’s concession speech. During her speech, several national photographers took my pictures and now they’re on numerous Web sites such as, Reuters and www.MSN, Courier Journal newspaper.

The most exciting part of the evening was when Mitch McConnell beat Bruce Lunsford, and the most disappointing thing was Obama beating McCain and Sarah Palin. I got to be on the front row as the senator gave his victory speech.

What I learned is that some races are tough, but if you work very hard, you can reach your goal. This experience is the most exciting and educational experience I have ever been involved in. This is what I did in Louisville.

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