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July 12

• Ronald Keith Belhausen, M.D. v. Michele Moren Page`, et al; contract

• Laura Benge, et al v. Elizabeth Bryant, et al; other

• Misty Lawson v. Thomas Dye Lawson, domestic and family

July 13

• Douglas Jones v. Daryl R. Thomas, et al; contract

• National Collegiate Student Loan Trust 20 v. Cindy Adkins, contract

• Lavada Denise Roark v. Christopher Robert Gibson, domestic and family

• River Country Buildings LLC v. Eric Broughton, contract

July 14

Melanie L. Dykes v. Steven C. Dikes, domestic and family

• Jonathan Brandon Bailey v. Trinity Corporation, other

• Karen Likins, et al v. Whitaker Bank, property rights

July 15

• Progressive Direct Insurance Company v. Shane Martin, contract

• Laura Lee Cupp v. Danielle Williams, other

• Edward M. Henry, et al v. Thomas Watson, et al; contract

July 16

• U.S. National Association v. Paula J. Bryant, contract

• Bank of America N.A. v. Andrea Tennille, contract

July 19

• Heritage Acceptance Corporation v. Lesley Cook (Barton), contract

• Janessa Cornett v. Shane Cornett, domestic and family

• Dennis Farmer v. Wilsons Livestock Market Inc., et al; personal injury

July 20

• Michael Hughes Collins v. Jessica Lynn Dezarn, domestic and family

• Brandon Chase Goins v. Heaven Colwell Miles, domestic and family

• Bobby Mathis v. Lisa Whicker, property rights

• Kentucky Commission on Human Rights v. LTC Properties Inc., other

• Jaru Young v. Laura Meadows, other

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