June 24

• Central Bank and Trust Company v. Marvin L. May, contract

• Gary Noble v. Jessica Howard, et al; personal injury

• Larry Sinkhorn v. Southern States London Cooperative, property damage

• Wells Fargo Bank N.A. v. Jonathan Patterson, et al; foreclosure

• Janet S. Steele, et al v. Saint Joseph Healthcare Systems Inc., personal injury

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. v. Bradley K. Wilson, contract

• Kurt Kraus v. Minerva Rader, et al; property rights

June 25

• Commonwealth CD Fund LLC v. Richard Clark, foreclosure

• Erica Asher v. James Asher, domestic and family

• Synchrony Bank v. Denzil Whitaker, contract

• Utica Properties LLC v. Bingo World LLC, et al; contract

• Amber Lynn Hedrick v. Phillip Brandon Hedrick, domestic and family

• Sherri R. Wheeler v. Ernest Wheeler, domestic and family

• Ivan Nieto v. Maria Guadalupe Ramirez, et al; contract

June 26

• Jimmy Hoskins Jr. v. Mark A. Clontz, personal injury

• Capital One Bank (USA) N.A. v. David D. Vorback, contract

• Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation v. Pamela Platner, foreclosure

• Holly Reid Begley v. Marcus Brown Begley, domestic and family

• Rita Chloe Proffitt v. Raymond Dewayne Proffitt, domestic and family

June 27

• J.P. Morgan Acquisition Corporation v. John Goldsberry, et al; foreclosure

• John Dantley Collette v. Angela Ashley Kay Cromer, domestic and family

• John Martin v. Keystone RV Company, et al; personal injury

• Paul Thurmond v. Jacqueline Courtney Thurmond, domestic and family

• William Rodney Napier, et al v. Diana Osborne, et al; personal injury

• Walgreen Company v. Lindsey M. Collett, contract

• Farris Gilliam v. Joseph J. Schmit, et al; personal injury

June 28

• Bank of America N.A. v. Quentin Smith, contract

• Discover Bank v. Timothy K. Lester, contract

• Brian Keith Cupp v. Shayla Renee Cupp, domestic and family

• Heather Miller Word v. Jerome Perry Word, domestic and family

July 2

• Jordan Mills v. Jessica Mills, domestic and family

• Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. v. Sandy Russell, contract

July 3

• Crystal Lynn Hoskins v. James Robert Wesley Hoskins, domestic and family

• Jennifer Dunn v. Speedway LLC; personal injury

• Cavalry SPV 1 LLC v. Ashley Rednour, contract

• Nancy Clem v. Roy Clem, domestic and family

• Darrell Gross v. Kroger Limited Partnership 1, et al; personal injury

• Chase Alexander Gross v. Megan Rachelle Gross, domestic and family

• Anna Weathers, et al v. Derrick McKeehan, et al; personal injury

• Sharon Henson v. Mary A. Jones; personal injury

July 5

• Bettina Hutton v. Robert L. Hutton, domestic and family

• Lendmark Financial Services LLC v. Goldie Harris, et al; contract

• Synchrony Bank v. Denzil Whitaker, contract

• Amos Moses Bowman v. Rebecca Bowman, domestic and family

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