Cold Hill Motocross Track is set to have its grand opening on Friday at 10 a.m. and will offer motocross riders a dirt track and campground to stay at.

Ted Muskin, 58, said he had the idea for Cold Hill Motocross Track sometime last year and has been practically forming the track and campground himself, making the dirt track with a bucket tractor and bulldozing several trees to make a clearing for the campground.

Muskin loved motocross when he was younger and even though physical ailments keep him from riding now, he still has a passion for it (he watches pro races every weekend). Looking at all the land he owns, Muskin said he “might as well make something of my property.”

Cold Hill Motocross Track is located at 211 Cane Branch Road, which is reached by Highway 192 in London, then turning left onto Indian Camp Road and finally turning left again onto Cane Branch. A white roadside sign with red lettering on Highway 192 alerts drivers to Indian Camp Road and leads to smaller signs with arrows on them that direct drivers to the track.

Opening weekend prices are only $7 for an entire day of riding. Muskin said he has been told by riders that the average price to casually ride at a motocross track is between $16 and $20, so he wanted to cut the price in half for the opening weekend, but prices will go up next weekend.

Muskin is not trying to make a profit from Cold Hill Motocross. He said he is just hoping the price of admissions covers the cost of what it takes to keep the track in good shape.

Cold Hill Motocross is one large track with a section of it diverging into an “easy” and a “hard” part depending on what level of difficulty the rider wants to experience.

The “hard” portion goes down a semi-steep slope and through a portion of woods on the edge of the track before coming back out, while the “easy” portion goes briefly uphill before the riders are rejoined on the same path. There is a sign telling riders taking the “easy” path to stop and watch for oncoming riders.

There will be no races held at Cold Hill Motocross this weekend, as Muskin is just letting participants casually ride. He says he will see how the grand opening goes and will talk with riders before he begins to schedule races.

Cold Hill Motocross makes participants sign a waiver stating that they are riding at their own risk. Alcohol, drugs and weapons are also banned from the property.

Participants are also not allowed to bring RZRs or side-by-side motor vehicles to ride on at Cold Hill Motocross.

Muskin said he took inspiration from the tracks he raced on as a kid and tried to apply them to the land he owns. Muskin recognizes it is not a completely finished product, as he still has to put up “wrong way” signs and acquire a silt fence that will keep dirt from washing away when it rains.

There are two different camping sections at Cold Hill Motocross. The section at the bottom of the hill is larger, while the portion at the top is smaller and is located near Muskin’s neighbor’s property (the properties are separated by a fence and clearly marked).

Cold Hill Motocross will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 9.m. The half-price grand opening entry fee lasts all weekend long.

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