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Aug. 2

• Roy Robinson Jr. and Karen Robinson to Beamco LLC, 0.30 acres on Hicks Lane and Lots 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 in Meadow View Addition; $1,100,000

• Diane C. Philpot, individually and as Executrix of Estate of Donald F. Philpot; and Steve Hale and Bobbie Y. Hale to Brenda Buttery and Don Philpot, 0.05339 acres and 0.5510 acres on Frontage Road; 4.25 acres, 0.5051 acres, 0.2755 acres, 1.2913 acres, 0.3053 acres and 1.2913 acres on US 25-E Connector Road (now Cumberland Gap Parkway); $3,000

• Charles C. Hensley to Larry F. Brummett, 1.04 acres in Laurel County; $95,000

• Brandon Baker and Shelby Baker to David Hollin and Dianna Hollin, 5 acres in Ridgeview Subdivision; $545,000

• Jackie Steelman and Marsha Steelman to Michael C. Mendez and Billie D. Mendez or survivor, 0.70 acres and 0.50 acres on KY 1394 and Birch Creek; $260,000

• Earl Clay Turley Jr. and Sharon Kay Turley to Eric W. Blevins, 4.13 acres on Tackett Road; $228,700

• Justin E. Martin and Michael Sandlin and Edward W. Martin and Bertie Martin to Mark Roberts and Melissa Roberts or survivor, 8.66 acres on Barker Road and Barker Spur Road; $270,000

• Chester Taylor to Joseph Pearson and Carolyn Pearson or survivor, 3.22 acres on River Road; $130,000

• Jeanette Fields to Marcia Ashley, 2.18 acres on City Dam Road; love and affection, $1

• Cheryl Moore to Matthew Mills and Dennie Mills, 00.807 acres on 9th Street and 10th Street; $1

• Janet Bentley to John Bentley and Cindy Bentley, 8.28 acres, 3.71 acres and 2.23 acres near High Top Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Jeffrey Walters and Vickie Walters to The Creek Church Inc., 0.02 acres on KY 80 and Industrial Boulevard; gift, no monetary consideration

• Irene Herron to Larry Herron and Illie Mae Herron, 4 acres on Fariston Road; $60,000

• John D. Burkhart and Mildred H. Burkhart to Jennings E. Marcum and Lora L. Marcum, 0.798 acres on Shannon Drive; $126,000

• Larson Kentucky Properties Inc. to Earl Clay Turley and Sharon Kay Turley, Lot 14 and 1/2 of Lot 15 in Meadowbrook Chateau; $199,900

• James Felts and Donna Felts to Jana Lea Felts and Justin Michael Felts, 1.15 acres on Old State Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• James Felts and Donna Felts to Jana Lea Felts and Justin Michael Felts, Lots 1, 2 and 3 in Sophia H. Hodge Subdivision; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Robert Doolin and Bonnie Doolin to Chris Mills, land on McHargue Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• James C. Handy and Kathy Handy to Thomas A. Jones and Rebecca S. Jones, 15.57 acres in Laurel County; $44,000

Aug. 3

• Dennis Hibbitts and Teresa Hibbitts to Robert Miller and Bridget Miller, Lots 2 and 3 on Sunday Drive; $27,000

• Rita Grubb Hubbard to Paula Kay Reece, 2.10 acres on KY 472; $3,000

• Jacob Floyd and Caitlin Floyd to Donald Chace Gabbard and Kelly Renee Gabbard, Lots 30 and 31 in Norwood Subdivision; $255,000

• James Edwin Sutton, also known as James E. Sutton, and Mary Jo Sutton to Scott Wright and Margaret Melissa Wright, Lots 1, 2, 3 and 5 in Curtis McDaniel Subdivision; $140,000

• Blackberry Development LLC, by and through Patty Tincher, to Commonwealth of Kentucky for Transportation Cabinet, 0.010 acres and tract on KY 192 and KY 363; $15,475

• London Healthcare LLC, through Managing Member Bond Oman, to Commonwealth of Kentucky for Transportation Cabinet, two tracts on KY 192 and KY 363; $6,275

• Randy Parsons and Ethel Parsons to Holly A. McKnight and Stacey D. McKnight, 0.82 acres in Laurel County; love and affection, no monetary consideration

Aug. 4

• Huddleston Real Estate LLC to Redhound Rentals LLC, Lot 5 in Fawn Valley Estates; no monetary consideration

Aug. 5

• Wilma Sizemore to Randy Peters and Tonya Peters, land on Pine Grove School Road; $45,000

• Gina Noble-White and Stephen White to Richard Scholes, Lot 13 in Twin Oaks Subdivision; $310,000

• Barbara Bundy Cook to Attalee Handshoe, 2.17 acres on Cross Country Road; $63,000

• Janice Bertram, executrix of Estate of Steve House, to Bobby Wayne Tillman and Bernice Tillman, 4.19 acres and 0.715 acres on Wyan Road; $115,000

• Jamie Gambrel and Janet Gambrel to Edward J. Kuehne Jr. and Megan Kuehne, Lot 27 in Deerfoot Valley Subdivision; $485,000

• Curtis Edward Bullock and Susie Elaine Bullock and Deborah H. Hodges and Chuck Hodges to David Dylan Baker and Courtney Deaton, Lot 5 in Arch Pigg and Arthur Powers Subdivision; $109,728

• Joe T. Roberts and Judy Roberts to David J. Williams Jr. and Nellie J. Williams, land in Laurel County; $23,000

• Tonya S. Begley and Jerry Garrett Jr. to Rox Anne Blankenship, 1.10 acres on Kemper Mill Road; $158,000

Aug. 6

• Timothy Lewis and Erica Lewis to Steve A. Ball, 1 acre on Old State Road; $160,800

• Donald Chace Gabbard and Kelly Renee Gabbard to Zach Neff, aka Zachary Neff and Emily Neff or survivor, 0.51 acres on KY 229; $222,500

• Lillie Mae McGeorge to Joan Hallberg, land in Laurel County; $143,000

• Edward Joseph Kuehne Jr. and Cathryn M. Kuehne to Jason Amburgey and Goldie Amburgey, Lot 18 in Tara Estates; $322,000

• Cumberland Gap Properties LLC to Cumberland Gap Properties LLC, 0.97 acres and 0.67 acres on Barrett Street; $1

• Shirley J. Hurley to Shirley J. Hurley and Thomas M. Hurley, 2.007 acres on County Farm Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Jerry Wayne Burkhart to Daniel Boone Community Action Agency Inc., 0.59 acres on Payne Trail; $1

Aug. 9

• Nasby Merrell Bargo and Tracy Bargo, Seth Bargo and Shiree Bargo, Bianca Bargo and Micah Strevels to Aaron Bargo and Jodi Bargo, 15 acres on Tuttle Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Jordan Nobel to Mark A. Hensley, land on West 1st Street; $144,000

• Julio C. Vargas, unknown spouse of Julio C Vargas, by and through Douglas G. Benge, Master Commissioner, to Mid-South Capital Partners LP, land on New Salem Road; $5,000, in case of Mid South Partners LP v. Julio C. Vargas, et al

• Sharon Kay Oxendine to James Daniel Disney and Beverly Disney or survivor, Lot 8 (0.336 acres) and Lot 9 (0.051 acres) in Sublimity Springs Subdivision; $217,000

• Garland Rental Properties LLC to Evening Shade Enterprises LLC, land on 4th Street; $150,000

• Undrae Mitchell and Melissa Mitchell to Jennifer A. Miles and Christopher M. Miles or survivor, Lot 9 in Phase 1 of Cedar Point Subdivision; $247,000

• Stephanie A. Parker and Brian T. Krape, by and through Attorney in Fact Stephanie A. Parker, to Larry Whitaker and Betty Whitaker or survivor, Lot 31 in Spring Gate Subdivision; $278,000

• Samuel and Charlotte Sinay Family LLC to A. E. Biggs Partners LLC, 0.575 acres near CWW Enterprises LP; $1,238,710

• Highlands Housing Corporation to Heather Reed, Lot 4 in Cayenne Place; $168,000

• Thomas R. Beuckelaere and Sharon E. Beuckelaere to Alfred M. Childress Jr. and Kiersten, by and through Attorney in Fact, land on KY 552 and Rush Road; $163,000

• James Albert Huff and Paula Michele Huff to Ashley E. McArthur, 4.02 acres near Goldenrod Farm; $228,000

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