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Aug. 26

• Grace L. Gilliam, Tyler Gilliam and Katrina Gilliam to Gary Joshua Patterson and Janessa Rochelle Patterson, 6.94 acre and 0.55 acres on Rush Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• 5M Properties LLC to Clayton Segebart and Yvonne Boersma, Lot 2 in High Point Subdivision; $200,000

• Ronald Lewis and Donna Lewis, also known as (aka) Donna Keary, to Reece Caudill and Chelsea Caudill or survivor, 1.09 acres on Hannah Leigh Trail; $188,500

• Irvin Miller and Tina Jones to Tina Jones and Irvin Miller, 0.25 acres and 0.54 acres in Laurel County; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Richard Hobbs and Vanna Hobbs to Zachary T. Strong and Shelby A. Strong, Lot 53 in Canyon View, Phase II; $470,000

• Dillan Gambrel and Madison Gambrel to Victor Webb, Lot 51 in Elk Run Estates Subdivision, Phase II; $280,000

• Chad Corum and Natasha Corum to Charles J. Loveday Jr. and Deborah J. Loveday, Lot 39 in Elk Run Estat4es Subdivision, Phase II; $260,000

• Kaylin Lynelle Saylor and Jeremiah David Saylor, by Kaylin Saylor, Attorney in Fact, to Thomas Frances Kelly Jr.; Lot 5 in Sandy Rock Estates; $327,400

• Garrett Ralph Fields Jr. and Vanessa Jo Joseph to Christopher Evans and Gwen Evans, Lot 33 in Esquire Estates; $219,000

• Serena Caldwell and Tony E. Caldwell to Raymond Dustin Smith and Samantha L. Smith, Lot 78 and part of Lot 79 in Westland Estates; $297,500

Aug. 29

• Steven Edge, aka Steven A. Edge, and Patricia Edge, aka Patricia Ann Edge or Patricia A. Edge, to Steven Edge and Patricia Edge; 18.19 acres in Laurel County, 9.43 acres on Old Way Road, 2 acres in Laurel County and 0.32 acres on Witt Road; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Clayton Darrel Segebart and Yvonne Jacoba Theo Boersma to Joseph Phillips, 1.07 acres on Tackett Spur Road; $113,900

• Ronald R. Neal and Janet W. Neal to Kaylin Saylor, Lot 13 in Sandy Rock Estates; $25,000

• Ronald R. Neal and Janet W. Neal to Dy Hensley and Tammy Osborne, Lot 7 in Sandy Rock Estates; $22,000

• John Johns and Anna Johns to Alan Black and Sharon Black, Lot 3 in W. P. Vaughn Subdivision; $40,000

Aug. 30

• Teresa Sizemore and Michael Edwin Sizemore to James Elliott Logan Napier and Ashley Renee Napier, Lot 2 in Lakeland Woods Subdivision; $20,000

• Laurel Construction LLC to Preston James Jackson and Amy Lynn Jackson, land in Laurel County; $55,000

• Elizabeth N. Taylor to Bonnie Perry, 2.02 acres on Blackwater Road; $64,000

• Brandon Jenkins and April Jenkins to Jody French and Angela French or survivor, 1 acre on Rooks Branch Road; $241,000

• James Richard Johnston and Nicole Renee Johnston to Ashley Grant, Lot 3 in Block D of Sandy Hills Subdivision; $310,000

• Roy Sexton and Buster Brock Jr. to Matt Wyatt and Stephanie Wyatt, tract on Parman Cemetery Road and 0.77 acres on Honeysuckle Lane; $193,000

• Hobert Hoskins and Grace Hoskins to Michael B. Middleton and Tina C. Middleton, Lot 17 in Golden Eagle Estates; $22,000

• Satyabrata Chatterjee, trustee, and Sumita Chatterjee, trustee to Vishal Patel and Hemali Patel, 9.65 acres on Parker Road; $875,000

• Richard C. Hubbard and Donna Hubbard to Bradley Humfleet and Kaylee Brooke Jackson, 0.793 acres on Slate Lick Road; $146,000

Aug. 31

• Andrew Saylor and Makayla Saylor to Cameron Whittemore, land near Nantz Cemetery Road; $85,000

• The Estate of James Norman Harris, by and through Co-Executrices Arlene Harris and Kristy Gray; Arlene Harris, individually, and Kristy Gray, individually and Jeremy Michael Gray, Jamie Lynn Harris Riley and Bobby Dewayne Riley to Scott Smith and Bridget Smith, 1.16 acres on Conley Road and KY 80; $30,000

• Keith Clark to Jontai McQueen and Dorothy Suzanne McGehee McQueen, aka Suzanne McQueen, by and through Attorney In Fact, Jontai McQueen, or survivor, 1.42 acres and 0.10 acres on Waterworks Road; $55,000

• George Caudill and George Michael Caudill to Robert Hail and Marty Hail, 0.92 acres on Willie Martin Road; $1,000

• Harold Vernon to Sam Vernon and Gina Vernon, tract on Arthur Ridge Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Ledford Properties LLC to Brandford Properties LLC, 3.31 acres on Vaughn Ridge Road; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Sandra Jo Barton to Crystal Kennedy, Lot 6 in Laurel Trace Subdivision, Phase II; $270,000

Sept. 1

• Haley Smith and Trevor Smith to John Jason Brown, Lot 8 in Elk Run Estates, Phase One; $270,000

• Richard T. Hendrix and Deborah M. Hendrix to Aaron Kirk, Lot 28 in Stoneybrook Estates; $325,000

• Billy Howard and Preschus Howard to Asher Properties LLC, land on U.S. 25-E; $50,000

• Orville Sparks and Pauline Sparks to Orville Sparks and Pauline Sparks, 1/2 acre on Sweet Hill Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Victor McIntosh and Mary McIntosh to Allen Turner and Janna Turner, 1 acre on Bowling Old Way Road; $1

• James Michael Smith and Debra Smith to Jarred Lee Allen Osborne and Terrah Osborne, 49 3/4 acres in Laurel County; $270,000

• Whitaker Preservation Trust, W. Todd Whitaker, trustee to Liberty Land Group LLC, 3 acres in Laurel County; $80,900

• Harold Gene Black to Kylie Scott, 1.23 acres on M. L. Black Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Michael Bradley to Michael Bradley and Tara L. Lanham, Lot 56 in Stonybrook Estates; love and affection, no monetary consideration

Sept. 2

• Waverly Wood LLC and Owsley County Chip Company LLC to Thomas Allen and Vera Allen, 0.37 acres on Winding Blade Road; gift, no monetary consideration

• Mark Gregorich to Kathy Reed, 0.52 acres on Bill Mays Road; $165,000

• Angela Lee Gregory (same individual as Angela Gregory) to Angela Lee Gregory, 1/2 acre in Laurel County; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Deloris Williams to Dillan Gambrel and Madison Gambrel, Lot 61 in Elk Run Estates Subdivision, Phase II; $23,000

• Ottis Sizemore and Rosemary Sizemore to Ivan Dariel Marcel and Dalane Tuggle, Lot 88 in Westridge Estates Subdivision; $9,000

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