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May 24

• Jimmy Lynn Brock to Southeastern Roofing of London Inc., land on KY 578; $33,000

• Sharon Lynn Boggs, also known as (aka) Lynn W. Boggs, and Ronald H. Boggs, Larry Worley and Tanya Worley, Mike Worley and Pam Worley to Kyle D. McCarty and Leanne Young, 1 acre, 30 acres and 30 acres in Laurel County; $306,000

• Speedway LLC to Speedway LLC, 1.310 acres on KY 80 and U.S. 25; $1

• James C. Bowman and Teresa A. Bowman to Khayat Properties LLC, Lot 15 in Crown Point Subdivision; $158,860

• Robert William Petro and Eliesia Petro to Jonathan Bowman and Krystal Caudill or survivor, 1 acre on Schell Road; $157,000

• Stanley Smith and Jan Smith to Richard Evans and Bridgett Evans, 0.90 acres on KY 80; $26,000

• Ewing Land Development LLC to Pamela E. Davidson and Jackie Brian Davidson, 38.53 acres on Hopper Creek Road; $165,000

• David Nicley and Amanda Nicley to Bradley Hall and Juliana Hall or survivor, Lots 3 and 4 in Bruce Yandell and Isabel Yandell Douglass Subdivision; $155,000

• Lawrence Bailey and Patty Magee Bailey to Matthew Magee and Forrest Magee, land on East KY 80; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Minjarez Investments LLC to Marsha Bowling, land on Johnson Avenue; $81,500

• Altered Church Inc. to Still Water Independent Baptist Church Inc., 2 tracts on Old U.S. 25; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Altered Church Inc. to Still Water Independent Baptist Church, 2 tracts on Old U.S. 25; $120,000

May 25

• David Hammons and Patricia Hammons, Teresa A. Burton, Donold B. Hammons, aka Donald Hammons, and Cassandra Hammons, Ronold R. Hammons, aka Ronald R. Hammons, and Anita Hammons to Henry F. Hammons, 19 43/100 acres on Keavy-Lily Road; $100,000

• Jarel Sizemore and Alexis Sizemore to Phillip Dufour and Theresa Dufour, 0.11 acres on Arnett Road; $85,000

• Troy Sizemore to Richard Adams and Tammy Lovins, 0.51 acres on Ruby Jones Lane; $6,000

• Fern L. Wooten, John M. Wooten and Davida to Lisa Danielle Vanover, 0.49 acres on Mystic Lane and 0.01 acres by KY 229; $25,000

• Virginia Melton to Randall Asher and Kelly Asher, 42 1/2 acres, 63 acres and 13 acres in Laurel County; $150,000

May 26

Brenda Sue Overbey Hilton to Casey Smith and Brian Smith or survivor, Lot 33 in Phase II in Cardinal Heights Subdivision; $160,000

• Carla Pennington, formerly known as (fka) Carla Brown, and Gary Pennington to Kaitlin Gail Robinson, Lot 17 in Southland Subdivision; $195,000

• Jason Shepherd and Patience Shepherd to Christopher J. Hill and Leeandra R. Hill or survivor, 1.48 acres on Kemper Mill Road; $150,000

• Steven Cody Byrd and Kayla D. Byrd, fka Kayla D. Johnson, to Anthony Shane Miller and Vanessa Miller and Anthony Scott Miller and Sherri Miller, Lot 21 in Paddock Place Subdivision; $192,000

• Richard Bales and Laura Bales to Stephen H. Bales and Hope S. Bales, 10.96 acres on KY 552; $550,000

• Beverly Lynn Marcum, aka Beverly Marcum, and Timothy Marcum to Beverly Lynn Marcum and Timothy Marcum, 1 1/2 acres and 2.35 acres on KY 1006; $10

• Burnette Contracting LLC to Jason Karbowski and Jessica Karbowski, Lot 10 in Holly Grove Estates; $200,000

• Teresa A. Elliott and Gary K. Elliott to Gambrel Realty LLC, tract on US 25-E; quitclaim deed, no monetary consideration

May 27

• Freedom Mortgage Corporation to Arthur Muszynski, land on New Whitley Road; $89,500

• Freddie Asher and Margie Asher to Steven Ray Frasure, 1.85 acres on Hall Ridge Road; $205,000

• Jerry Timothy McCowan and Wendy L. McCowan to Sharleen Combs Laws, Lot 83 on Lincoln Drive in Dixie Bell Subdivision; $200,000

• Jacob Benge and Shana Caudill to Kristen Brooke Swafford and James Dean Swafford, Lot 3 in Mountain View Subdivision; $120,000

• Beverly Patterson, Larry Evans and Judy Evans, and Karie Hampton and Deven Hampton to L&N Federal Credit Union, Lot 100 in Sublimity Springs Subdivision, First Addition; $77,000

• Wayne Watkins and Diana K. Watkins to Walden Wayne Watkins and Diana K. Watkins, 1.94 acres on Wood Creel Water Road; quitclaim deed, no monetary consideration

• Richie Lynn Rogers and Emily Rogers, Jennifer Rogers and Shantaine Barton and Brandon Barton to Ralph Edward Ross and Rhonda L. Ross, land in Laurel County; $78,500

• Cecil Allen and Patricia Allen to Cecil Allen and Patricia Allen, 0.83 acres on Pittsburg/Slate Lick Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration; $1

• Deke Barley and Abbey Barley to Daniel Cummings, Lot 68 in Golden Eagle Estates; $162,500

• Violet K. Anders to Tammy Lynn Tyree and Kimberly K. Anders, 0.35 acres on Indian Camp Road and 1.66 acres on Indian Camp Road and Auger Springs Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• New Rez LLC, doing business as Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1.86 acres on Old Way School Road; no monetary consideration

May 28

• Daniel M. Dillon and Melissa Dillon to Shannon Gray, Lot 11 in Phase 1, Revised, in Cedar Point Subdivision; $214,900

• Carl Hammons and Jenny Hammons to Charles P. Grant Jr., 0.25 acres on Old US 25; $15,200

• Stevie Carnes to Tiffanie Blackwood and Alexander Blackwood or survivor, 0.86 acres on Matt Baker Road; $200,000

• C. Arthur Gill, aka Clarence Arthur Gill, and Mary Ann Gill to Anthony K. Lawson, 10 acres and 10 acres in Laurel County; $200,500

• Terry Miracle and Tammy Miracle to Terry Miracle and Tammy Miracle, land on Old Sublimity Pike; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• PAK Holdings LLC to Corina Vaughn, 2.16 acres on Pittsburg/Slate Lick Road; $144,000

• Mary Lou Smith to Daniel J. Wilmot and Kristine M. Wilmot, land on Hemlock Lane; $1

• James D. Couch and Brenda K. Couch to Thelma Osborne, Lot 8 in Ridgeview Subdivision; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Randall Lenn Weddle and Victoria Bernice Weddle to Steve Hughes and Lisa Hughes, 10 acres on Echo Valley Road; $250,000

• CaCo Properties LLC, by Ricky Lynn Cochrane and Sheila Renea Cochrane, authorized agents to Charles Kevin Cawood and Linda Cawood, 0.5 acres on Riveria Lane; $1

• Charles Kevin Cawood and Linda Cawood to Rhonda E. Deaton and Timothy L. Deaton, 0.5 acres on Riveria Lane; $25,000

• Jonathan Kyle Morgn to Tasha Nicole Morgan, Lot 13 in Emerald Acres Subdivision; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

• Janet Holbrook, aka Janet Rae Holbrook, executrix of Estate of Ann Hollin Smith, to Bobo Development LLC, Lot 1 in Scoville Hill Addition to City of London and 0.02 acres on Oakley Hill; $210,000

• Travis Farris to David Development LLC, land on Fifth Street and 0.26 acres on Mill Street; $198,817.70

• Laurel County, KY to London-Laurel County Economic Development Authority LLC, 11.60 acres on Hammack Road; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Edna Dean Combs to Cynthia Cox and Kenny Cox, 9 acres on McFarland Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• G&M Oil Company Inc., Kentucky Truckstop Services LLC, by Estate of Jerry W. Garland, to Baxmax LLC, 10 acres and 0.125 acres on US 25; $1,670,625

• Geneva Elaine DeRose to Brian Balch and Regina Balch, 1.79 acres on Anders Road; $163,000

• Carl Brown, individually and as executor of Estate of Eleschia Brown, to Scotty J. Cook and Sherri R. Cook, 0.95 acres and 1.04 acres on Hawk Ridge Road; no monetary consideration

• Sandra Kaye Foley to Brianna Dunn, 2.15 acres in Laurel County; no monetary consideration

• Brianna Dunn to Sandra Kaye Foley, 2.15 acres in Laurel County; no monetary consideration

June 1

• Rodney Jerome Tipton and Briana Renee Tipton to Britanny Faith Brown, aka Brittany Brown, land on Cowden Lane and KY 830; $59,900

• Michael Johnny Partin to Sherrie Sasser and Gregory Sasser, land on KY 830; civil action, no monetary consideration

• Jeremiah L. Moore and Madeline Moore to Zane Allen Ford and Claytina Ford, 1 acre, 1/2 acre, and 2 acres on Cassidy Road; $130,000

• James D. Broyles and Andrea Broyles to Joel McQueen and Krissy McQueen or survivor, Lot 10 and 11 in Springfield Subdivision; $235,501

• Through Master Commissioner Douglas G. Benge to Elmo Greer Capital LLC, 0.204 acres and 16.872 acres on County Farm Road; $376,000, in case of Cumberland Valley National Bank and Trust v. Bi-Comm, Michael Ray Price, et al

• William D. Cummins and Catherine L. Cummins to William D. Cummins and Catherine L. Cummins, Lots 15, 16 and 17 in McPherson Estates; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Kenneth Douglas Gross and Crystal Elaine Gross to Claude Gilbert and Shawna Gilbert, 1.79 acres on Gross Road; $90,000

• Clyde Burkhart and Charlotte Irene Burkhart and Wanda F. Williams to Charles Joseph, 18 3/16 acres, 14 11/16 acres in Laurel County; $68,500

• Jennifer Butche to Ray Alfred Sibert and Vanessa Lynne Sibert, 2.18 acres on Fairway Drive; $30,000

• Chris Amyx, executor of Estate of Margaret Amyx, to Norma J. Penley. trustee, land in Laurel County; no monetary consideration'

• Norma J. Penley, trustee to Chris Amyx, land in Laurel County; no monetary consideration

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