Nov. 18

• Joyce Jones, executrix of Estate of Betty Dalton, and Joyce Jones, Trustee of Testamentary Trust of Lillian Sue Stephens, to Ina Renee Brock, 0.46 acres on Sandy Hills Road; $92,500

• Raymond S. Bennett and Billy J. Bennett, formerly known as (fka) Billie J. Karr, to Jennifer Renee Studdard and Lyle Studdard, 1.15 acres on Auger Springs Road; $149,000

• Paul Taylor and David B. Taylor to Paul Taylor, David B. Taylor and Rodney Alan Taylor, 3.07 acres on Ky. 1803; gift, no monetary consideration

• Robert G. Vandegrift Jr., also known as (aka) Robert Vandegrift, and Sarah Vandegrift to Scottie Griffie and Tammy Ruth Griffie, Lot 1 in Green Meadows Subdivision.; $7,000

• Lisa Gail Cunagin, fka Lisa Gail Fouts, and Gary Cunagin to Jon Logan Turner, Kimberly A. Turner and Johnny Turner or survivor, land on Maplesville Road; $105,000

• Franklin L. Carnes and Willa Carnes, by and through James R. Westenhoefer, trustee for Estate of Franklin L. Carnes and Willa Carnes, 1.014 acres on Flatwoods Road; $8,500

Nov. 20

• Kendra Baker to Travis Baker, Lot 11 of Lot 1 and part of Lot 2 in Laurel Canyon Subdivision, Phase I, Revision 1, 0.884 acres; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

• Lige Woods and Sophia Woods to Gary Wayne Woods, 80 acres, 4 acres, 142.57 acres in Laurel County; land on Allen School Road; 5 acres, 3 acres on Hazel Patch Creek; tract on Radford Road, 13.2 acres on Radford Road and 55.2 acres on Old Allen School Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Roger L. Schott and Carolyn B. Schott to Timothy Smith and Cathy Smith, land in City of London; $15,000

• Prosperitas Group Inc. to Beamco LLC, Lot 2 in Pepperhill Developments; $20,500

• Eric Marshall Jackson and Kellie Jeannine to Andrew Starr and Stephanie Starr, 20.4276 acres on U.S. 25 and Gabbard Lane; $50,000

• Richard L. Townsend and Lynn Townsend to Jerry L. Vickers and April Vickers, Lot 66 in Mallard Point Subdivision; $265,000

• Carl Moore and Mary Moore to James Edward Howard, 0.888 acres on Chaney Ridge Road; $25,000

Nov. 21

• Norman Whitus and Imogene Whitus to Robert Stewart and Donna Stewart or survivor, Lot 4 in Phase II of Cardinal Heights Subdivision; $138,000

• David Michael and Rhonda Denise Caldwell to James and Leena Napier, Lots 1 and 2 of Lakeland Woods Subdivision; $6,000

• Jeanene Hubbard and Scott Hubbard to Daniel Boone Community Action Agency Inc., 1 acre on John Jones Lane; gift, no monetary consideration

• Joseph Harris and Tabitha Stokes to Waylon Hurst, land on Spring Cut Road; $25,000

• Deborah Carole Dean to Larry Harold Dean, 12.77 acres on Dotson Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Larry Harold Dean to Deborah Carole Dean, 0.40 acres on Dotson Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Kenton Reynolds to Joshua Michael Reynolds and Kristen Reynolds, 50 acres, 35 acres and 0.06 acres on White Oak Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Patricia Lynn Rudder to Jason Benge Rudder, Lot 24 in Phase II of Cedar Point Subdivision; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

• Bernie Woods to Jayla Gilbert, 0.29 acres on North Mill Street; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Lonnie Williams and Deloris Williams to Scotty Sandlin and Donna Sandlin, Lot 49 in Elk Run Subdivision, Phase II; no monetary consideration

Nov. 22

• Chris Nicholson and Patricia Nicholson to Christopher A. Thompson and Kristen E. Fahey, 2.29 acres on Blanton Lane; $237,500

• Bonnie Rogers to Harry Rogers, 9.9 acres near Indian Camp Creek; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

• Laird Taylor Orr Jr. and Carolyn Orr to Steve Barbour and Laura Stoehr, 7.09 acres on Pine Creek Road; $18,000

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