Oct. 29

• Bob W. Strunk and Flossie Sue Strunk to Christopher Cain and Kristy Nicole Cain, 62.98 acres and 5 acres on New Salem Road; $475,000

• Donald C. Dewar to Faye Dewar, Lot 75 in Dixie Bell Farm Subdivision; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

• Faye Dewar to Roger Hodges and Bobbie Jo Hodges or survivor, Lot 75 in Dixie Bell Farm Subdivision; $202,000

Oct. 30

• Susan Hodges to Old Blue Chair Properties LLC, land on KY 192; $353,000

• Southern Restoration LLC, also known as (aka) Southern Restorations, to Markitta Brown, 0.50 acres on Old Salem Road; $185,000

Nov. 2

• Kelvin Helton and Cheryl Helton and Charles Vernon Helton to Karen Whitaker and Cathy Creech, Lot 6 in Addition to Golden Eagle Estates; $102,300

• James Keith Bowling and Jerene Bowling and Darrin Lee Bowling and Lori Bowling to Mike Caudill and Alice Caudill, Lots 30 and 31 in Westland Estates; $177,500

• Michael Lewis and Yvette Lewis, Carl David Crawford and Sherry Crawford to Calvin Ward and Betty Ward or survivor, Tracts 12, 13, 14 and 15 in John David Lewis Estate on Mt. Zion Road; $330,000

• David McGuire to David Lop, 0.18 acres on Ray Overbey Road; $159,500

• The Estate of John H. George, by Kimberly Smith as executrix, to JWL Development LLC, by Joyce Lewis, authorized agent, 4.19 acres on Sally's Branch Road; $38,500

• Larry Johnson and Carol Johnson, Chris Allen and Loucrissia Allen to David Baker and Janet Baker, 1.17 acres on German Lane; $6,740

• Tim Smallwood to Donnie Ray Burdine Jr. and Michelle Burdine, Lot 18 in Esquire Estates; $170,000

• The Estate of Mary Lou Hundley, by Terry Hundley, executor; Terry Hundley, individually, and Brenda Hundley to Joshua Hansen and Cynthia Hansen, 60 acres on Fence Road; $160,000

• Kyle King and Kayla King to Kathy McCarthy, Lot 26 in Spring Gate Subdivision; $255,000

• Dallas Benge and Pauline Benge to Dallas Benge and Pauline Benge, 50 acres in Laurel County; no monetary consideration

• Eula Mae Sloan to Donald Wayne House and Betty Louise House, 0.23 acres near Greenmount Baptist Church; gift, no monetary consideration

• JFH Enterprises LLC, by Jerry Harris, authorized agent to James Michael Riley and Mary Christine M. Riley, Lot 18 and half of Lot 19, Section One, Southland Subdivision; $219,000

• Beverly Gregson to Amanda Blankenship, 0.45 acres on Delmas Gilliam Road; $117,000

• Wanda Hubbard and Mance Hubbard to A.D. Nolan and Shelby Jean Nolan, 1 acre on Bentley Road; $95,000

• Robert E. McCollum to Carol M. McCollum, 20 acres in Laurel County; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Robert E. McCollum to Jason Houston and Donna Houston, 20 acres and 25 acres in Laurel County; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Robert E. McCollum to Jamie McCollum, 20 acres and 5 acres in Laurel County; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Duloc Corbin LLC to Michael W. Napier and Jennifer Napier, Elmer Cunnigan Jr. and Jean Cunnigan, 0.037 acres on U.S. 25 near KY 3431; $10,000

• Lisa Wilder to Michael W. Grubb, 9.77 acres near Little Arthur Ridge Road; $35,000

• Brian Howard and Betty Denise Howard to Sarah C. Rhorer and Jackie A. Rhorer or survivor, land on Lovelace St., $122,000

• Carl Edward Feltner ad Phyllis Feltner to Casey Napier, 7 acres on Feltner Road; $159,000

• Russell Maynard and Brittany Maynard to Dustin Lee Lawson and Amy Jo Lawson or survivor, Lot 9, Section II in Woodland Heights Estates; $171,000

• Teresa Louise Neeley and Billy L. Neeley to David K. Brock, 2 acres in Laurel County; $22,500

• Lanny Rush to Kentucky Lodging and Development Company Inc., 1.081 acres on Barbourville Road; $185,000

• T. J. Asher and Edith R. Asher to Joe T. Asher, 0.56 acres on Baker Ridge Road; $1

• Deloris Williams to Grandview Construction LLC, Lot 53 in Elk Run Estates Subdivision - Phase II; $23,00

• Sarah Helen Dees, Sandra Lou. Johnson and Michael Johnson, Harold Douglas Hensley and Paula Hensley, Ricky Shepherd and Angela to Amanda Dawn Garrison and Aaron Scott Garrison, 2 tracts on East 5th Street; $138,000

• Amy Passmore to Whitney B. Jackson, 0.48 acres on Southland Drive; $102,000

• Brieanna Marie Wilson, formerly known as (fka) Brieanna Marie Hammons, to Michael Joseph Hammons, Lot 16 in Northland Estates Subdivision; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

Nov. 3

• Janet Bundy to James Bundy and Melissa Bundy, 0.91 acres on Slate Ridge Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Virgil Fields to Debra Billings, 5 acres on Mill Cree; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Mahala Belt and Raymond Belt to Trevor Jackson, 1 1/2 acres in Laurel County; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Miranda L. Denney to Stephanie E. Parrott and Larry David Parrott, Lot 32 in Riverbend Estates; $402,000

• Mark James Heiser and Lisa Ann Heiser to Holly A. Jacobs and Zachary M. Jacobs, Lot 16 and part of Lot 17 in Twin Oaks Estates; $285,000

• Tonya Renee Root and Sammy Brock to Roberto Orea and Suyapa Nunez Lainez, Lot 6 in Poindexter Ridge' $134,900

• Ray Reynolds and Lois Reynolds to Jacob Durham, also known as (aka) Jake Durham, and Bethany Durham, land on Reynolds Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Shane Brock and Amy Brock to Limited Access Contracting Inc., 17.844 acres on KY 1223; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Ashley G. Moody, aka Ashley Gayle Wooton, to Robert Justin Wooton, 0.51 acres on Slate Ridge Road; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

• Kevin Carroll and Angela Carroll to Joseph Masey and Ashley Massey or survivor, Lot 1 in Westwood Estates, Phase I; $158,000

• Nancy A. Mills and Kenny Gambrel to Christopher Matthew Orefice, Lot 82 in Blossom Ridge Estates; $172,500

• Marvin Isaacs and Kendra Isaacs to Randall Weddle and Victoria Weddle, Lots 3, 4, and 5 in Young Addition to City of London; $370,000

• Richard Wayne Cox to Robert Leizear, Lot 17 in Little Acres Subdivision; $175,000

• Virginia Lear Woods to Zachary B. Phillips, lots on Oak Street and East 5th Street; $139,900

• Kathy Southard to Alex McQueen, 1 acre on Irvine Road; $4,000

• Ellis Pennington to Ruth Ann Pennington, 1/2 acre on Sizemore Road; divorce settlement, no monetary consideration

Nov. 4

• Daniel Ball and Carolyn Ball to Jack Leslie Veach, 0.47 acres on KY 552; $21,000

• Samuel Travis Ison and Jessica Elisabeth Ison to Travis L. Joseph and Carla Joseph or survivor, Lot 19 in Deerfoot Valley Subdivision; $386,000

• Kenneth Day and Shirley Day to Nathaniel Lee Smith, 15.56 acres on Old Union Church Road; $150,000

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