Oct. 21

• The Villas at Wood Creek Inc. to Jimmy Watkins and Sherry Watkins, land in Laurel County; correction, no monetary consideration

• The Villas at Wood Creek Inc., by Jackie Johnson, authorized agent, to Kendal Dickerson and Gayle Dickerson and Nina Marie Kijinski, land on Wood Creek Lake, no monetary consideration

• Kendal Dickerson and Gayle Dickerson and Nina Marie Kijinski to The Villas at Wood Creek Inc., Lot 4 (0.32 acres) on Wood Creek Lake; no monetary consideration

• Samuel Baldwin, executor of estate of James Baldwin, and Samuel Baldwin to Samuel Baldwin, 2.17 acres on Trosper Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Samuel Baldwin, executor of estate of James Baldwin, and Samuel Baldwin to Glen Baldwin and Robert Baldwin. 1.91 acres on U.S. 25 and Hal Rogers Parkway; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Danny R. Ford and Sue Ford, Jeffrey Cromer and Anissa Cromer to Tim Mooney and Terri Mooney, 1.19 acres on Ky. 578; $19,000

Oct. 22

• Lisa Miller to Jonathan Adam Jenkins and Destiny Cheyenne Salva, 9.27 acres on Pine Top Road; $224,000

• William Forbes and Cathy Forbes to Ray Shears Sr. and Dorothy Sears 0.50 acres on Rooks Branch Road; $159,900

• Through Master Commissioner Jane Winkler Dyche to CCA Investments LLC, Lot 32 in Tommy Smith Subdivision; $119,000, in case of Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC v. Marvin C. Jones, Keesha L. Jones, unknown spouse of Seth Jaeger

• Brenda Elkins Hensley and Alfred Hensley to Ethan Stock, 0.74 acres and 0.04 acres on Pennington Drive; $11,000

• Fred Hinkle and Abigail Hinkle to Jacob Edwards and Kayla Edwards, land on Upper Raccoon Creek Road; $1

• Henry Dean Johnson to Ryan Joseph and Amanda Joseph, 6.98 acres on Sally's Branch Road; $45,000

• Linda June Hollingsworth and Gilbert Hollingsworth Jr. to David Asher and Janice F. Asher, 0.599 acres on Little Arthur Ridge Road; $5,000

Oct. 23

• Willard Hart to Regina Neal and Adam Evans, 1 acre on Ky. 1376; $131,000

• Jason Watts to Carl Lee Joseph and Carolyn Sue Joseph, land in Laurel County; $1

• Dennis Karr and Laura Greta Karr to Nicholas Allen Karr, 1 1/2 acres near Big Laurel River; $66,000

• Anthony Brummett to Dustin J. Lawson and McKayla S. Lawson, 2 tracts on Shepherd Road; $20,000

• Jeania Katlyn Nelson and Kendall Nelson to Connie M. Hunt, 0.50 acres on Wyan Road; $191,000

• Richard Wayne Cox to Gerald Carpenter, Lot 17 in Little Acres Subdivision; no monetary consideration

• Lida Faye Adams and Dean Adams to Mary Williams, trustee, part of Lot 3 and Lot 4 in A & R Addition to Rolling Acres Subdivision and 0.26 acres on Rosedale Avenue; no monetary consideration

• Phoebe Sue Hayes to Melinda Ruth Lawson, 2 tracts on Old Keavy Road; $1

Oct. 24

• Kelly Owen and Renada Owen to Kendra Turner, 2 acres near Ky. 229 and Ky. 10234; $5,000

• Paul Ledford and Vickie Ledford, Muriel Black and Owen Black and Joan Ledford to David Harold Ledford, land in Laurel County; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Charles Elza and Carol Elza, by and through Power of Attorney Charles Elza, to Smith's KleenNet LLC, Lots 10, 11 and 12 and 0.16 acres on Green Street; $78,000

• Aaron Christian Hall and Sandra Skaggs Hall to Ward A. Stokes and Brandi N. Stokes, 21.41 acres on Ky. 578; $23,400

• Ronald Eugene Smith and Rubie Smith to Ronald Edward Smith , Randy Alan Smith, Ronda Faye Caudillo, and Richard Dale Smith, Lot 17 in Springfield Subdivision; life estate - love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Keith Bundy to Micheal J. Fowler and Maria G. Fowler, 1.12 acres in Laurel County; $97,500

• Gray Development Inc., by Margaret Gray, Vice President, to Mennaben K. Patel, Lots 68 and 73 in Deerfoot Valley Subdivision; $44,000

• Ellis Pennington to Lisa Whitaker, 1.08 acres on East Pittsburg Church Road; $25,000

• Joyce E. Holland, formerly known as (fka) Joyce E. Smallwood, to Joyce E. Holland, 3.24 acres on Sweet Hill Road; name change order, no monetary consideration

• Glenn Eric Farris to Sandra S. Hall, .24 acres on Victory-Mt. Zion Road; $9.500

• Larry Cottongim and Elaine Cottongim to Albert Robinson and Lucille Robinson, 27 1/2 acres in Laurel County; $17,500

Oct. 25

• Charles F. Engle and Lisa Engle to Tonya Collins, 1.12 acres on Ky. 363; $135,000

• Roy Hamblin and Lola Hamblin to Donnie Allen Mills and Kristi Lea Mills, 3.231 acres on Old Union Church Road and Court Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Kentucky River Foothills Development Council Inc. to Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas Counties Inc., Lot 12 in Charles Pennington Industrial Park, 2.455 acres; $10

• Mervil E. Proffitt and Jean Proffitt, co-trustees of the Proffitt Living Trust, to Robert R. Dugger and Iris Ann Dugger, 4.84 acres on D Anders Road; $25,000

• Estate of Villa Eileen Fletcher, by and through executor Jerry Matthew Fletcher, Melinda Wolford, Jerry Matthew Fletcher and Dana Fletcher, Max Dewayne Fletcher and Christy Fletcher to Harold Simpson and Opal K. Simpson, land in Laurel County; foreclosure, no monetary consideration

• Harold Simpson and Opal K. Simpson to Harry D. Fletcher and Villa Eileen Fletcher, four tracts in Laurel County; land contract, no price listed

• Betty Caldwell to Dean Hammons, 1 acre and .50 acres on Old Salem Road; $7,000

• Ray Shell to Susan Penelope Brown, 0.07 acres in Laurel County and 0.53 acres on Sherman Smith Drive; gift, no monetary consideration

• Glendon Gilbert and Carla Gilbert to Robert Harrison and Myranda Harrison, 0.7463 acres on Ky. 490; $50,000

• Raymond McQueen and Wanda McQueen to Michael Glenn Messer and Tammy Tyree Messer, 4.45 acres on Mt. Zion Road; $37,000

Oct. 26

• Elvis Enterprises LLC to Billy Roark and Angela Roark, 3.87 acres in Laurel County; $89,900

• JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association to Timothy Dorr, Lot 9 and part of Lot 8 in Wilshire Estates Subdivision Phase ii; $110,000

• JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association to Ruby Hibbard, lots 1 and 3 in Steve Southard Subdivision; $26,000

• Through Master Commissioner Jane Winkler Dyche to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB dba Christiana Trust as trustee for Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, Lot 138 in Phase VII of The Oaks of London Subdivision; $220,000, in case of Ditch Financial LLC v. Brian M. Walter, Sue Walter, unknown spouse of Brian M. Walter, unknown spouse of Sue Walter, unknown occupant, National City Bank, Portofino Tower Five Homeowners, Association at Pensacola Beach inc., Villamare Horizontal Property Regime, The Oaks of London Homeowner Association Inc., Mildred O. Storm, as trustee of Mildred O. Storm Trust, the Mildred O. Storm Trust, and unknown beneficiaries of Mildred O. Storm Trust, et al

• Phillip Turner and Lois Angel Turner to David Clark and Melissa Clark, 0.85 acres on London Dock Road and 5.44 acres on Luke Angel Road; correction, no monetary consideration

Oct. 28

• Morningstar Thomas Nami and Majeed Nami to George Bradley Larkey and Mary Elizabeth Larkey, 0.4 acres in Laurel County; $205,000

• Waverly Wood LLC and Owsley County Chip Company LLC to Joseph Walters and Sandy Walters, 32.77 acres on Wildcat Trail Road; $33,000

• Mark Fawbush and Brian Fawbush to Steven Fawbush and Kevin Fawbush, 1.33 acres in Laurel County; no monetary consideration

• Kim Thompson and Brooke Bunch to Gary Tabor and Tina Tabor, Lot 45 in Woods Bend Inc. Subdivision; $42,500

• Carl Wilson and Audrey Wilson to Carl Wilson and Audrey Wilson, 4.88 acres on Wilson Road; re-survey, no monetary consideration

• Carl Wilson and Audrey Wilson to Jacob Alan Taylor Wilson, 1.07 acres in Laurel County; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Austin Upchurch and Sarah Jessie Upchruch to Sara Elizabeth Willis and Larry Zackary Willis, Lots 44 and 45 of Spring Gate Subdivision; $367,700

Oct. 29

• Doug Bargo and Sandy Bargo to Wood Creek Water District, Lot 17 in Block C of Forest Park Subdivision; $50,000

• Jeff Walters and Vicki Walters to Gregory Jordan Gallaher, land on Ky. 80 and Mitchell Creek Road; $158,500

• Earnest Hampton and Rhonda M. Hampton, Jimmie Lee Hampton and Amy Hampton to Dillon Gene Blevins and Lindsey M. Blevins or survivor, 5.40 acres on Pine Top Road and Mitchell Creek Road; $27,500

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