Sept. 30

• Jeremy Alan Kidd and Kelly (listed as Kelli in prior deed) Lee Harris Kidd to Samuel Dean Carr and Makayla Rae Carr, Lot 2 in Highland East Estates Subdivision; $159,000

• Rita Brianna Boles to David Lynn Storms and Emma Jean Harris, 0.50 acres on Level Green Road; $152,500

• James V. Arnold and Karen G. Arnold to James V. Arnold and Karen G. Arnold, 6.35 acres on Maple Grove Road; no monetary consideration

• Cleda Strandholm to Jerrica Norvell and Jared Norvell, 8.97 acres on Mobley Bend Road; $60,000

•Taylor Johns to Anna Noble, land in Laurel County; $2,500

• Lewin Hostetter and Marcia Hostetter to Virgil Smith, land on Ky. 1305; $67,500

• Finley's Inc., formerly known as Finley's Roller Rink Inc., to Tom Cox, Lot 15 in Little Acres Subdivision; no monetary consideration

• Judy S. Combs Baker o Louis L. Baker, 0.20 acres on Hickory Road; property settlement, no monetary consideration

• Kermit Brock and Lori Baker to Jamie Cromer and Rachel Cromer or survivor, Lot 6 in Harvey Adams Subdivision; $138,900

• Finley's Inc. fka Finley's Roller Rink Inc., to Richard Wayne Cox, Lot 17 in Little Acres Subdivision; no monetary consideration

• Michael W. Trett and Lisa A. Trett to Tonia Kraus, Lot 5 and part of Lot 6 in W. P. Vaught Subdivision; $137,900

• Brenda Alsip to Savannah Champlin, land on Adkins Lane; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Russell J. Wombles and Linda G. Wombles to Russell J. Wombles and Linda G. Wombles, 0.29 acres on Park Wells Road; deed of correction

• Steven Wright and Lisa L. Wright to Ryan Hartzell and Candace Hartzell, Lot 9 in Esquire Estates; $182,500

• Finley's Inc., fka Finley's Roller Rink Inc. to Gillis Ryan Allen, Lot 16 in Little Acres Subdivision; quitclaim deed, no monetary consideration

Oct. 1

• Through Norman E. Arflack, United States Marshal for Eastern District of Kentucky, to Tracy Dean Looney and Jennifer H. Looney, Lot 7 in Wildwood View Subdivision; $121,906.84, in case of the United States of America v. Aaron Simpson, Tonya Simpson, Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Revenue, Division of Collections, Blackace Enterprises LLC and Atlanta Credit and Finance

• Stewart Walker to Lorie Allen and John Jeffrey Allen, Lots 3 and 4 in Johnson Addition to City of London; $180,000

• London Radio Service Inc. to Lorie Allen and John Jeffrey Allen, Lots 1 and 2 in Johnson Addition to City of London; $20,000

• Johnny Miller and Phyllis Miller to Lola Jackson and Brandy Hinkle, Lot 17 in Hazel Green Meadows Subdivision; $65,000

• Tim Smith, aka Timothy Smith, and Elizabeth Ann Smith to Gregory Alan Snyder, land on Old Way Road; $70,000

• Daniel W. Luszcz and Melissa F. Luszcz to Justin Wombles and Emily R. Wombles, Lot 38 in Paddock Place; $139,000

Oct. 2

• Gina Williams and Glenn Williams and Danny Jones and Barbara Jones to Jacob Allen Jones and Ashley Rayann Jones, 1.09 acres on Hawk Creek Road; $40,000

• Lindsay R. Marlow, fka Lindsay R. Jones, and Derrick Marlow to Scottie L. Jewell and Agnes Jewell and Stephen Jewell, Lot 9 and part of Lot 8 in Block E of Fitzgerald Subdivision; $68,000

• Perry Jerome McCracken to Darrell Jerome McCracken and Shannon Rae McCracken, 0.61 acres on McCracken Lane; gift, no monetary consideration

• Harvey D. Garland and Jane M. Garland to Billy Simpson and Christina Simpson, Lot 1 in Block C of Sandy Hills Subdivision; $132,400

• Derrick Bennett and Kelly Bennett to Aaron Watkins and Ashlyn Watkins or survivor, Lot 18 in Holly Grove Estates; $140,000

Oct. 3

• Christopher Lenhardt and Elizabeth Lenhardt to Yvonna Donaldson and Jordan Donaldson, Lots 3, 4 and 5 in Robert Owens Subdivision; $110,900

• Mark V. Bondarenko and Jatina P. Bondarenko to Lance Dominique Maynes and Brittany Shay Maynes, Lot 96 in Westridge Estates; $184,000

• Darrell Becknell and Rhonda Becknell to David Godsey and Stephanie Godsey, Lot 15 in Pleasant View Estates Subdivision; $240,000

• Gail M. Burkhart to Dwayne Call and Erin Call, land in Laurel County; $200,000

• Martha L. Burns, trustee of Joseph Lynn Burns Revocable Trust to Vincent Moore and Sherry Moore, land on Ky. 192; quitclaim deed, no monetary consideration

• Roger Weaver and Linda Weaver to Carmen Weaver and Dolores Weaver, 0.61 acres on Ky. 472; $6,000

• Thurman Glenn Calebs Jr. and Helen King Calebs to Gerald Carpenter, land near Robinson Creek Church; no monetary consideration

• Judy McKnight to Travis K. Collins and Christy R. Collins, 73.64 acres in Laurel County; $170,000

• Jerry D. Maggard and Darlene Maggard to William E. Forbes and Cathy Forbes, 0.40 acres on U.S. 25; $40,000

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