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Sept. 3

• Mid America Mortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1 acre on Slate Ridge Road; property exchange, no monetary consideration

• Jacklyn Johnson, Pleasie Johnson and Carolyn Johnson, Cecil Ray Johnson and Karen Johnson, Clyde Robert Johnson and Marlene Johnson to Ricky Dale Johnson, 40 acres on Pleasy Johnson Road; gift, no monetary consideration

• Joshua Brock to Buffalo Skull Ranch LLC, two tracts in Laurel County; $1

• Brock Enterprises Ltd. and Brock Enterprises LLC to Steven H. Brock, 2.1663 acres on KY 1223 and 3/4 acres on Hopewell Road; property transfer, no monetary consideration

Sept. 4

• John Michael Sergent and Sue Ellen Sergent to Kevin Gibson and Cindy Gibson, 0.25 acres on Campbell's Branch Road; $60,000

• Steven H. Brock and Melinda Brock to Joshua Brock and Dylan Brock, 2.1663 acres on KY 1223 and 3/4 acres on Hopewell Road;$1

• Joshua Brock and Dylan Brock to Buffalo Skull Ranch LLC, KY 1223 and 3/4 acres on Hopewell Road; $1

• John C. Adams Revocable Trust , by and through trustee Owen G. Adams, to Darrel Hodge and Donna Hodge, 1 acre on KY 1189; $20,000

• Roger Whitlow and Faye Whitlow, also known as (aka) Lillian Faye Whitlow, to Bradley Prewitt and Sarah Prewitt, Lots 3 and 4 in Acton Subdivision; $62,000

• David Nicley and Amanda Nicley to John Lee McMahan and Georgie Carmell McMahan, 8.01 acres on Sasser School County Road; $265,000

• Bonnie M. Rogers to Loren Rose and Trista Rose, 16.646 acres near Rogers Road; $77,000

• Richard Douglas Reynolds and Laura Jane Reynolds to Gray Development Inc., Lots 62 and 63 in Deerfoot Valley Subdivision; $30,000

• Christopher Good and Candice Good to Chelsey S. Brock, Lot 7 in Eagle's Nest Estates; $158,500

Sept. 8

• Edward Owens, aka Edward Owens Jr., to Edward Owens Jr., Claude Chumley Jr. and Jeffrey Chumley, 2.67 acres on Curtis Karr Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Charles William Chadwell and Charlotte Chadwell to Judy Chadwell, 1 acre on Elisha Feltner Road; $5,000

• Jacquelyn Rankin, Fauntella McVay, Pat Hampton, Troy Wayne Hampton and Helga Hampton and Tammy Sue Heppner and Scott Heppner to Sherman E. Clark and Deborah S. Clark or survivor, 21.85 acres on Lily Road; $103,000

• C. Judd McPherson to Johnny Manes and Charlotte Manes, 0.59 acres on Horse Creek Road; $25,000

• Shirley Cupp to Doshie Hubbard and Bobby Hubbard, 7.76 acres on KY 472; $25,000

• Debbie Tolbert and Loyd Tolbert to William D. Walden, land in Laurel County; $13,000

• Patti Jo Bowman and Robert Glen Bowman to Frank C. Moore and Dana L. Moore, 1.97 acres on Daisy Drive; $145,000

• Brian C. House and Susan E. House to Jerry Timothy McCowan and Wendy L. McCowan, Lot 9 of Woods Edge Subdivision; $410,000

Sept. 9

• Michael Ritchie to Joshua Mounts, 3.35 acres to KY 472; $2,000

• Anthony Hubbard and Holly Hubbard to Madison Brooke Eversole, Harvey Thompson or survivor, Lot 39 in South Fork Estates Subdivision; $270,000

• The KSSC Real Estate Trust, by trustee Bruce W. Perry, to Miranda A. Hill, 0.98 acres on Mill Creek Road; $88,000

• Dennis R. Butler and Margaret D. Butler to Monica Key and Bruce Wallace Key, Lot 16 in Block D, Phase II of Kirkwood Subdivision; $329,000

• James Robert Nunn and Rebecca Finley to James Edward Morgan Jr. and Lindsey Morgan, Lot 5 in Block E of Sandy Hills Subdivision; $145,000

• Markitta Brown to Shawn K. Shilt and Floria B. Shilt, Lot 41 in Hopewell Estates Subdivision, Phase III; $179,000

• Charles P. Kluesner and Mary M. Kluesner to Raymond Allen Johnson and Elizabeth Eileen Johnson, Lot 24 in Laurel Canyon, Phase I, Revision One; $380,000

• Yvonne Hill to Chavelo Baldazo, 0.88 acres on Rush Road; $58,000

• Betty S. Meredith and James Meredith to Bridgett Bargo and James Bargo and Teresa L. Spurlock and John D. Spurlock, 1/4 acre near U.S. 25; $42,000

• Pearlie J. Seals to Summer L. Vandy, 1.50 acres on Helvetia Road; $250,000

• Frank Wagers and Ora Wagers to Scott Burkhart and Jodi Burkhart, land in KY 1535; $36,500

• Mina H. Martin to Ma Angelica Sunga Buenaventura and James P. Beunaventura, Lot 70 in Cedar Point Subdivision; $178,500

Sept. 10

• Conrad Cupp to The Conrad Cupp Irrevocable Trust, by and through Brandi Piercy, Connie Coupal and Lindsey Gentry, co trustees, 8.47 acres in Laurel County, 8.47 acres on Chance Road, 8.47 acres and 2 acres in Laurel County; property transfer, no monetary consideration

• Sueann Woods and Tammy Bingham to Timothy Darrell Woods and Tausha Woods, 0.243 acres on 16th Street; $1

• Roger Mark Corey and Sheila Corey to James E. Manning and Karen L. Manning, 0.86 acres on Willie Cheek Road; $3,000

• Daryol Joe Smith and Cheryl Anne Smith to Leslie Anne Preston, 0.49 acres on Greenmount Bond Road; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Michael Bargo and Tara Bargo to Tiffany Lynn Divinsky and Brennan Divinsky, Lot 12 in Sublimity Springs Subdivision, 1st Addition; $172,000

• Barbara A. Massey and Charles Kenneth Massey to Laura Moore and Garrett Moore, 18.38 acres on KY 638;l $196,000

• Harold Kemper and Debra Kemper to Jason Obannon, 4.5 acres on Loop Road; $88,000

• Aaron Luster and Sona Luster to Matthew W. Conley and Jessica R. Conley, 0.50 acres on Wyan Road; $249,900

• Corey Murrow and Vicky Garza to Corey Murrow, 1.206 acres on Ellen Lane; no monetary consideration

• Jeffery W. Mitchell and Sharlene L. Mitchell to Martina C. Carpenter and Stephen Carpenter, Stanley Lee McFarland and Alma McFarland, 0.55 acres on Moberly Bend Road; $187,500

• Steven Stewart and Kathy L. Stewart to Robin Adams and Lonnie Adams, 0.54 acres on West KY 80; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Elvin Frank Troglen and Tracy L. Troglen to Mary R. Matthews, Lot 4 in Maple Lane Subdivision; $139,000

• Eldon Lee Grimes and Janet Rose Grimes to Lillias Yvonne Byrd, 1.989 acres on Winding Blade Road; $5,000

• Pine Creek Properties LLC to Bart Rudd, 6.155 acres on KY 192 and KY 312; $1

• Premier Land of London LLC to Lynne Properties LLC, Lot 5 in River Oaks, Phase 1; deed of correction, no monetary consideration

Sept. 11

• Matthew Conley, aka Matt Conley, and Jessica Conley to Jacob M. Hughes, 0.76 acres on Holly Grove Road; $160,700

• SLLR, LLC to Maria Clara Roos, 0.57 acres on Pleasant View Road; $190,000

• Nettie Eve Potts-Smith, formerly known as (fka) Nettie Potts, to Jason D. Rohrback and Sherry Lynn Grise, Lot 2-B in Tract 3 of E. J. Clark's heirs property; $9,000

• Borden Dairy Company of Ky. LLC, fka Flav-O-Rich Dairies LLC, to New Dairy Kentucky LLC, 30.289 acres on West KY 80; $4,316,839

• Michael Hensley to Stephen B. Caudill Jr. and Kelli J. Caudill, 6.034 acres on KY 1305; deed of correction, no monetary consideration

• Stephen B. Caudill Jr. and Aubrey Breanna Caudill to Kelli Caudill, 6.034 acres on KY 1305; deed of correction, no monetary consideration

• Kelli J. Caudill to Nicky Hoskins, 6.034 acres on KY 1305; $319,000

• Don Emery and Linda Emery to Morgan Emery, 5.82 acres on U.S. 25 and Daniel Boone Parkway; love and affection, no monetary consideration

• Karen Faye Likins and William Robbins to Edwin Likings and Audra Terrell Likings, 4.60 acres on Crooked Creek Drive; $35,000

• Kristi Lynn Webb to Michael Nolan, Lot 62 in Golden Eagle Estates Subdivision; love and affection, no monetary consideration

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