Republican Rep. Robert Goforth arrived at the polling station in East Bernstadt in a Cadillac Escalade ESV with tinted windows along with his wife and their 4-year-old triplets to cast his vote for Kentucky governor and other state offices Tuesday morning.

After voting, Goforth expressed his appreciation for the people of Laurel County backing him in the governor's race in which he is facing incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin and two other Republicans.

“My family has been in this area for over seven generations and it means everything to me to have the support of people from here in my hometown where I live and where my family has deep roots all the way back to [the] 1800s,” Goforth said.

Goforth is the first person from Laurel County to run for governor. He was elected to the House of Representatives on Nov. 6, 2018.

Before casting his vote at the station located at the C.D. Ward Masonic Lodge, Goforth briefly talked to a volunteer at the polling station, who is also his neighbor, about the calves on his farm.

Goforth’s wife voted after her husband while wearing a T-shirt reading “Soft Kentuckian” with a snowflake in place of the “o”—a reference to Gov. Bevin’s comment in January saying Kentuckians were getting soft after many schools closing due to wind chills making the weather feel like negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of Kentucky.

Goforth said his inspiration to run came from his belief that Kentuckians deserve better than what the state’s current administration is offering, adding the problems go beyond Gov. Bevin’s “arrogance” and “insults,” adding that he doesn’t think Bevin has delivered on being a fiscal conservative.

“He gave his friend a $215,000 raise after being on the job for a couple of months,” Goforth said in reference to Bevin giving his Chief of Information Technology, Charlie Grindle a 134% raise last August. “We have many state workers that have not seen a raise in over a decade.”

Goforth said his main goals were to fix Kentucky’s pension system, drug epidemic, taxes, education, and healthcare system.

Goforth said he would work on fixing these problems in a bipartisan manner, bringing “everybody to the table” to solve the complex problems the state is facing.

Goforth criticized Bevin for his lack of progress on these issues.

“He can’t work with people,” Goforth said. “He thinks he alone has all the answers and I know better than that.”

Goforth stressed the importance of Kentucky electing a governor who understood the personal issues Kentuckians face because of the state’s problems.

"We have to have somebody that’s going to get in there and look out for the everyday Kentuckian—all Kentuckians,” Goforth said.

Goforth said he felt positive about trying to cause one of the biggest upsets in the history of Kentucky’s governor elections.

“I’ve been a fighter and defying odds my entire life.”

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