Laurel County reports 2 COVID related deaths Tuesday

Laurel County Health Department reported two COVID-19 related deaths on Tuesday, bringing the county's death total to 10 as the county has exceeded the 1,100 mark for positive COVID-19 cases as well.

The deaths were of an 84- and 95-year-old. Laurel County reported its eighth COVID-19 death last Wednesday, Oct. 7 with that being a 91-year-old female.

Over the weekend, a total of 24 new cases were added, 15 on Monday and another 12 on Tuesday. The county's total is now 1,129 with 13 hospitalized and 403 active cases.

Laurel County has been listed in the 'red zone' which is based on the number of cases per population in the individual counties. Many of those cases have occurred within a nursing home setting, affecting both patients and staff at that facility.

Reporting for Saturday, Sunday and Monday indicates that one of the new cases was hospitalized and one in a congregate setting. However, four of those previously reported as being hospitalized have been released to continue recovering at home.

As of Friday, there were 15 new cases - one of which was hospitalized - bringing the county's total to 1,078 cases. But the weekend testing sent those numbers above 1,100. One case, however, was removed from the roster because, according to a post on the Laurel County Health Department's Facebook page, it was a suspect case and should not be counted in the totals.

New cases included:

• Saturday, Oct. 10 - 25-year-old male, 24-year-old female, 28-year-old male, 40-year-old male, 59-year-old female, 29-year-old female, 32-year-old female, 51-year-old male, 57-year-old female, 6-year-old male, 74-year-old female, 51-year-old female, 86-year-old male, 82-year-old female and 95-year-old female.

• Sunday, Oct. 11 - 52-year-old male, 34-year-old female, 77-year-old male, 42-year-old male, 30-year-old male, 52-year-old male, 36-year-old male and 72-year-old male.

• Monday, Oct. 12 - 44-year-old female, 39-year-old male, 44-year-old female, 68-year-old male, 27-year-old male, 75-year-old female who is hospitalized, 75-year-old male, 3-year-old male, 35-year-old female, 57-year-old male, 19-year-old female, 61-year-old male, 61-year-old female, 3-year-old female and 39-year-old female.

• Tuesday, Oct. 13 - 32-year-old female, 81-year-old male, 45-year-old male, 76-year-old male, 14-year-old female, 72-year-old female, 49-year-old female, 46-year-old female, 35-year-old female, 23-year-old male, 35-year-old male, and 43-year-old male.

COVID-19, thus far, has affected more females than men, according to the health department's graphic. Currently, 483 men have tested positive as opposed to 633 females. The virus remains more prevalent in the younger groups on the local front, with 217 cases affecting those between ages 18 to 30 years old. The 31 to 40 age bracket is next, with 170 cases, but is closely followed by 163 cases in persons ranging in age from 51 to 60, and 150 cases falling into the 41 to 50 year old age bracket. Those testing positive who are between 61 and 70 number 139. while those under age 18 take the next spot with 127 cases thus far. The smallest groups are those who are between ages 71 and 80, with 93 cases, while those over age 80 have 57 cases. Eight Laurel County residents who tested positive here have died from the coronavirus thus far.

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