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Laurel County 4-H held their Communications Day event virtually this year. They had 25 participants, Laurel County youth ages 5-18, delivering their own speeches and demonstrations, talking about a wide range of topics from how to do magic tricks to dirt bike safety to baking cupcakes.

Communications Day occurs at the county, district, and state levels. To participate in each higher level of the event, 4-Hers must qualify to move forward in their respective categories. 12 Laurel County participants qualify to move on to the district level. 10 of the district level participants have now qualified to move on to the state level. The following 4Hers' speeches or demonstrations will represent Laurel County in the Kentucky State Fair in August:

Laurel County State Qualifiers:

Adeline Blevins—Cupcakes Demonstration

Dustin Chadwell—Dirt Bike Safety Demonstration

Bailey Cunningham—How to Tie a Shoe Demonstration

Madelyn Eversole—Swing Science Demonstration

Johnny Ray Gonzalez—Video Game Speech

Chet Hughes

Dexter Hughes

Eliot Hughes

Raylen Rice—Roblox Demonstration

Patrick Shepard—Fishing Speech

Congratulations for moving on to the next level of competition!

All of us at Laurel County 4-H would like to thank our volunteers, teachers, and participants who made this Communications Day one to remember. We also want to thank our volunteer judges and teachers for making the event happen.

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