Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 quarantine, factories across the world with hundreds if not thousands of employees are seeking ways to retain efficiency while limiting exposure to illness. London's own Laurel Grocery Co. is one such establishment, continuing to provide services such as advertising, accounting, customer service, and the shipment of produce.

"We've taken a bunch of precautions, I don't know where to start," said Winston Griffin, Laurel Grocery CEO. He explained that given the diverse nature of Laurel Grocery's operations, the company is utilizing numerous methods of retaining social distancing.

"Practicing social distancing at the warehouse is relatively easy because of its size," he said. "First off, we changed the way everyone is taking breaks. We have it set up so that no one is taking breaks in the same space at the same time."

Break room tables and chairs have been moved further apart, with only one person sitting per table. Additionally, the regiment of the cleaning staff has been "ramped up," as Griffin puts it. Applying sanitation instructions advised by the state, sanitation staff at Laurel Grocery are frequently wiping down nearly every surface in the warehouse, especially commonly touched objects such as doorknobs and seats.

In departments where work from home is possible, Laurel Grocery has worked towards cutting the number of individuals in each building by half. The transition to set up the ability to work from home has been relatively easy, says Griffin.

"We have a very good internet connection and a backup connection. Without knowing it, we already prepared for that type of setup at home and a lot of people work from home already. From home, we can provide accounting, order entry, customer service -- all that. We already do so much over the computer."

As the situation regarding COVID-19 is changing the way the working class must operate, Laurel Grocery is ensuring to follow Governor Andy Beshear's mandates and keep employees informed on how to stay safe and prevent spreading illness.

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