Laurel County exceeded 4,400 cases of COVID Friday, with another death reported, bringing the county's death toll from the virus to 20.

Two deaths were reported on Thursday, Jan. 7, a 76-year-old male and 59-year-old male, and two deaths on Wednesday, Jan. 7, a 92-year-old female and a 61-year old female.

The latest to succumb to the virus is a 68-year-old female, as posted on the Laurel County Health Department's website on Friday afternoon. That brings the county's total number of cases since March to 4,415, with 69 persons currently hospitalized.

There were 104 new cases on Friday, with two of those hospitalized. Of Friday's cases, there were 16 affecting those age 18 and under, 20 cases for people between 18 and 30 years old, 14 cases in the 31 to 40 age bracket, 21 cases between ages 41 and 50, 8 cases for those in the 61 to 70 age group, and 6 cases for persons over 80 years of age.

However, despite the rising numbers of positive cases, there have been 416 persons recovered over the past two days, according to the Laurel County Health Department.

Thursday brought 84 new cases, with three of those hospitalized. Thursday's numbers showed 38 males and 46 females affected, with 9 of those being age 18 or under. While there was only one case of a person 80 or over, the 18 to 30 year old category logged in the most new cases at 22. The 41 to 50 age bracket listed 14 cases, while the area of 31 to 40 years, 51 to 60 year olds, and 61 to 70 year old categories all listed 11 cases.

Wednesday brought 133 new cases with 8 hospitalizations of those. Three of the new cases were also in a congregate setting.

The holidays brought closings of testing sites and the health department, resulting in 223 new cases over the five-day period from Dec. 31 to Jan. 4. The last day of the year brought 58 new cases, with no hospitalizations but one was in a congregate setting. The new year rang in with 66 new cases with 5 hospitalizations and 2 in a congregate setting. January 2 brought 22 new cases with no hospitalizations, while the first Sunday of the new year - 34 cases on January 3 with no hospitalizations. Monday brought 43 new cases with 21 males and 22 females in that breakdown.

There have been 36,218 tests administered in Laurel County as of Monday, Jan. 4.

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