Because Michael McCready suffers from autism and other developmental problems, three years probation is a proper sentence in his sexual abuse case, Commonwealth’s Attorney Jackie Steele told the court.

McCready, who pleaded guilty in May to one count of first-degree sexual abuse for improperly touching a 6-year-old child in June 2007, was sentenced Friday in Laurel Circuit Court to two years in prison, probated for three years.

Laurel County Circuit Judge Roderick Messer, who presided over the sentencing, agreed with the commonwealth’s assessment. He concurred McCready’s mental health issues, along with a history of child abuse before his adoption by a loving family, offered extenuating circumstances in the case.

“The court takes note of the unusual circumstances of this case,” Messer said.

Even though McCready will not be going to prison, Steele told the court he will be required to register as a sex offender and, under Kentucky statute, he will have to complete a comprehensive sex offender treatment program.

“That was the reason we gave him three years probation,” Steele told the court. “He should have the treatment program completed by that time.”

Kentucky State Police Detective Stacy Anderkin said she was contacted by the victim’s parents on June 28, 2007, one day after the incident reportedly occurred, and began an investigation. In November 2007, a Laurel County Grand Jury returned an indictment against McCready.

Later in November, Laurel County sheriff’s deputies received an indictment warrant against McCready and went to his home where they served the warrant and took McCready into custody.

Anderkin declined to elaborate on the relationship between McCready and the victim.

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