Old Dairy Dart demolished for future development

Photo by Nita Johnson

The former Dairy Dart Drive-In restaurant property has been purchased by an unknown developer and the former restaurant building has been demolished. 

Another of London's landmarks has given way for future development, as the original Dairy Dart Drive-In restaurant was destroyed last week.

The building, located in a business complex off South Main Street, has been vacant for several years and the property was recently purchased.

First the drive-in section of the former restaurant was removed, then the building itself was torn down last week.

Dairy Dart was a popular hangout for teens during its history. Originally opened as a joint venture between siblings Jessie and Fred Williams, the eatery evolved into its own entity in its duration. Fred Williams sold out his part of the restaurant, moving on to create Big Red's Chili in a business directly across the street from the old Dairy Dart.

When the property operated as the Williams family's restaurant and stock yard was sold, the restaurant continued its legacy after moving into a location at Carnaby Square, where it continues to serve the cuisine that people in this area attribute to good country cooking with great service.

No information on what will be located on the former Dairy Dart/stock market property was available.

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