Right on the tails of the Democratic rally this week came the Republicans' turn, but this time with Vice President Mike Pence promoting the GOP ticket for Tuesday's election.

Friday's tour with Pence, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and U.S. Congressman Hal Rogers included stops in Corbin, Williamsburg before winding down in London. The Republicans seeking office were also on hand to promote their campaign and ask for support in winning their selected races just four days away.

The entourage left the London-Corbin Airport with the first stop at Shep's Restaurant in downtown Corbin. There Pence and Bevin briefly addressed the crowd and outlined some of the achievements of Bevin's administration since his election four years ago.

The Williamsburg Convention Center was the second stop - a town meeting in which Bevin and Pence both recognized and praised the military and law enforcement personnel. Bevin, who served in the military himself, complimented those who have served their country. He then turned to the law enforcement personnel present.

"Some of you here have worn both uniforms, and I thank you for your service," he said.

Bevin then made his platform for his re-election on Tuesday, touting the economic growth, better jobs, tax revision that allowed families to retain more take-home money from their paychecks, and the future of the state under strong leadership.

Pence addressed gains made in support for the nation's military, citing the largest and strongest military since Ronald Reagan's administration.

"The President said in his campaign that we would make America strong and safe," Pence said. "We have increased our military have now have the strongest military since Ronald Reagan (was President). With last weekend's attack, we've taken out the ISIS leader and we have made America safe again!"

He praised the law enforcement gathered for Friday's visit, stating that their desire to serve sets them on a higher level.

"You put on those uniforms every day and you keep us safe - our families, our communities," he said. "You risk your lives every day and when you leave home in the morning you don't know if you will make it home that night. You have a calling to serve others. You decided to put other people's lives before your own. And we thank you."

Bevin and Pence have been acquainted for many years, which is one reason that Pence was promoting the Republican agenda. He described the Democratic ticket for Tuesday's election as "one of the most left ( extremists) in the history of Kentucky."

"The Republican candidates are some of the most conservative in the history of Kentucky," he said. "What we need in Kentucky is a strong leadership like we've had under Matt Bevin. He will not let Kentucky become a sanctuary state, under his leadership there are less illegal immigrants, more jobs, a better economy. We need four more years of Matt Bevin for Kentucky."

Pence said Bevin partnering with Trump was a plus for Kentucky, with "a booming economy." Kentucky has boasted 57,000 new jobs, has the lowest unemployment rates in decades, and has made numerous accomplishments. Pence said under Bevin's leadership, Kentucky could be a leader for the entire country.

Other candidates joining in the rally were Ralph Alvarado (Lt. Governor), Michael Adams (Secretary of State), Daniel Cameron (Attorney General), Ryan Quarles (Agriculture Commissioner), Mike Harmon (State Auditor), and Allison Ball (State Treasurer).

President Donald Trump is set to visit Lexington on Monday in an 11th hour tour to promote Bevin's re-election. Voting polls open at 6 a.m. Tuesday and close at 6 p.m.


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