A Louisville man charged with his fifth DUI within a six year period will now serve a seven year prison sentence.

William Sim McFadden Jr., 51, of Market Street in Louisville, was sentenced by Laurel Circuit Judge Michael Caperton on Thursday on charges of operating a motor vehicle under the influence and driving on suspended license.

The fifth DUI charge carries a penalty of five years, but McFadden's prior convictions and a second-degree persistent felony offender charge enhanced the penalty to the seven-year term. The driving on suspended license carries a 12-month penalty, which will run concurrently with the other sentence.

McFadden was indicted in February 2019 on charges of first-degree fleeing or evading police; DUI, fourth or greater offense, driving on suspended or revoked license, resisting arrest, possession of an open alcoholic beverage container in a motor vehicle. The incident leading to those charges came on Nov. 17, 2018 after McFadden refused to stop for police and was driving on DUI-suspended license while also being under the influence.

The indictment lists three prior felonies for DUI, including one in 2012 for fourth offense, another in Clay County in 2016 and a third in Laurel County in 2017.

Also sentenced last week was Danny Christopher Farris, 58, of Farris Jones Road in London. Farris was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of first-degree wanton endangerment and a 12-month sentence for second-degree cruelty to animals. The 12-month sentence will run at the same time as the two-year sentence. Charges of first-degree sexual abuse, terroristic threatening, menacing and fourth-degree assault were dismissed as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors.

The charges against Farris stemmed from two separate incidents in August in which he assaulted a female by sitting on her and pinning her arms down so she could not escape. Rendering her helpless, he then engaged in deviate sexual activity against her will. Four days later Farris again assaulted the female physically and shot her cat - all while threatening to harm her. The woman had set up a recording device, which was used as evidence in which Farris was heard threatening the woman and the clicking of a gun as he made those threats.

Other persons sentenced included:

• Jeremy Glenn Owens, 39, of Muddy Gap Road in Manchester, was sentenced to four years for first-degree wanton endangerment from an incident on July 29, 2018 when he dropped off a female on Kentucky Hollow Road, then returned and struck two males with his vehicle.

• Jason B. Eversole, 27, of Cornn Cemetery Road in London, will serve four years in prison for third-degree burglary for entering another person's home on Aug. 8, 2019 "with the intent to commit a crime."

• Tanner Alonzo Scalf, 27, of Curry Road in London was sentenced to one year in jail for receiving stolen property for possessing a stolen firearm on April 9, 2019.

• Michael Taylor Scott, 33, of Adams Road in Corbin, received a five-year sentence that was probated for five years on charges of receiving stolen property on July 25, 2019. Scott was charged with possessing a 2005 Ford F-150 pickup truck that had been reported stolen.


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