Election Day turnout marked a record in Laurel County, along with an upset in the 21st District Senate race.

The results from Laurel County showed London attorney Brandon Storm edging out incumbent Albert Robinson in the 21st Senate seat, with contender Kay Hensley, also an attorney from London, taking third place in the contest for Republican race. In the Laurel race, Storm netted 5,114 votes, Robinson received 2,977 votes and Kay Hensley logged in 2,866 votes.


Republican: Donald Trump had a 92% margin over the "uncommitted" ballot, with Trump receiving 10,086 votes to the 866 cast in the latter bracket. On the state level, Trump was again the big winner with 86.6% of the votes, with 371,718 to 57,283 in the "uncommitted" category.

Democrat: Joseph R. Biden, 1,495; Bernie Sanders, 299; Pete Buttigieg, 25; Tom Steyer, 13; Tulsi Gabbard, 23; Michael Bennett, 7; Michael Bloomberg, withdrawn; Amy Klobuchar, 18; Deval Patrick, 1; Andrew Yang, 26; Elizabeth Warren, 43; and uncommitted, 184. On the state level, Biden was again the top vote getter with 365,283 votes. Bernie Sanders took the second spot with 65,055 votes with Warren in third place with 15,300. Other totals across the state showed Buttigieg with 9,127; Steyer with 2,656; Gabbard, 5,859; Bennett, 2,514; Patrick 1,183; Yang, 7,267; and 58,364 uncommitted votes.

United States Senate

Republican: United States Senate Leader Mitch McConnell was the top vote-getter in the Republican contest, logging in 9,137 votes in Laurel County. C. Wesley Morgan came in second place with 804 votes, Naren James and Louis Grider were third and fourth with 194 and 193 votes, respectively, while Kenneth Lowndes garnered 144 to Paul John Krangedakis's 132 votes. Nicholas Alsager came in last place with 51 votes, while Wendell K. Crow withdrew from the race. On the state level, McConnell was the top pick with 82% of the votes with 342,656; Alsanger, 3,602; Frangedakis, 11,957; James, 10,693; Lowndes, 5,548; and Morgan, 25,588.

Democrat: Amy McGrath took the top votes in the Democratic race in Laurel County by nearly double the next highest place candidate. McGrath took in 1,220 votes with Charles Booker receiving 725. Mike Broihier won the third spot with 108 votes. Other contenders had much fewer votes with Andrew J. Maynard logging in 27 votes, Eric Rothmuller with 13; John R. Sharpensteen with 9, Bennie Smith with 16; Mary Ann Tobin with 20, Jimmy C. Ausbrooks with 6, and Maggie Jo Hilliard with 31 votes. Statewide, McGrath will face off against McConnell in the November general election after defeating Charles Booker by 16,149 votes — McGrath's 247,037 over Booker's 231,888. Other totals were: Ausbrooks, 3,629; Broihier, 27,175; Hilliard, 6,224; Maynard, 5,974; Rothmuller, 2,995; Sharpensteen, 2,992; Smith, 5,040; and Tobin, 11,108.

5th Congressional District:

The 5th Congressional District race had far less candidates, with long-time incumbent Harold "Hal" Rogers taking a decisive win over Geraldo Serrano by 9,611 votes to Serrano's 1,316. Statewide, Rogers held his campaign with 76,575 votes to Serrano's 7,436 votes.

State Representative races:

82nd District: Matt Anderson, 474; Regina Petrey Huff, 864. Statewide, Huff had 5,399 votes to Anderson's 3,038.

85th District: Shane Baker, 1,235; Troy L. Strunk, 665; Wes Hargis, 389; Gregory A. Ousley, 389. Baker edged out edged out Wes Hargis in the 86th District by 316 votes with 2,965 to Hargis' 2,649 votes. Strunk received 1,631 votes with Ousley winding down the count with 1,394 votes.

86th District: Johnathan Scotty Reams, 1,489; Tom O'Dell Smith, 390; David Grigsby Hart, 348; Don Rose, 149. Although Reams was the top vote getter in Laurel County, he was defeated by Smith by 632 votes. Smith, 2,739; Reams, 2,107; Hart, 1,208; and Rose, 1,120.

Robert Goforth, 89th District Representative, had no challengers in the Republican primary, but will try to keep his seat in November's general election in a run-off against Democratic candidate, Mike Van Winkle.

90th District Representative Derek Lewis was unopposed by a Republican candidate, but will face off against Democratic hopeful, Ralph Hoskins in the November general election.

Laurel County Clerk Tony Brown said that despite the "weird, wild and different election" this year, he thanked all the voters who turned out to cast their votes. Altogether, there were 13,259 ballots cast in this year's Presidential primary, which is a record for the county.

"I want to thank everyone who got out and voted," he said. "We had a 27 percent turnout, which is a record for a Presidential primary in Laurel County."

Statistics from the county's voters showed that Republicans cast 11,057. Of those, 2,989 were cast on Election Day, June 23. There were 7,270 absentee paper ballots and 3,000 early voting ballots. The Democrats cast 2,202 ballots, with only 293 voting on the actual election day. There were 1,762 paper ballots and 147 absentee early voting ballots. There are 48,274 registered voters in Laurel County, according to the statistics from the Laurel County Clerk's Office. Of those, Republicans number 34,902, Democrats are 10,439 and 2,933 Non-Partisan voters listed. Laurel County has 45 voting precincts.


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