Superintendent David Young received a glowing evaluation on his performance Monday, a review that is required annually.

In every category of the assessment, Young’s performance was deemed either “superior” or “exceptional” or somewhere in between.

“We think he’s doing an excellent job,” Board Chairman Tommy Smith said. “There’s a lot of things that you don’t see outside, changes that have been made and dollars saved and more efficient use of personnel.”

Young was evaluated on:

• General supervision

• Planning, which involves giving special attention to long-term goals

• Budget

• Board meetings

• Programs, which involves presenting and answering questions about them

• Personnel

• Buildings and grounds

• Instruction, which involves providing leadership and actively being involved in the implementation of instructional programs

• Transportation

• Public relations, which involves being an ambassador of the district

• Communications, which involves attending local and state meetings and communicating information gleaned there to the board

• Miscellaneous, which includes others duties assigned by the board

• Honesty and integrity

Young was given the highest marks in the budget, board meetings and buildings and grounds categories. His lowest marks, which still fell in the exceptional range, pertained to public relations, communications and instruction.

Despite the positive assessment, Young said work remains to be done in some areas.

“In all honestly, in the past year, we’ve done some reorganization of the custodial program and have been involved to a great deal with construction, and that’s taken away from my involvement with the programs and instruction,” he said. “I want to get re-involved with that in the future.”

Overall, Young, who has been superintendent for nearly four years, was pleased.

“I feel very good about it,” he said. “I feel (board members and I) have a good relationship and a trusting relationship. We can speak candidly to each other, and that’s what makes it work.”

He was also in favor of receiving an annual review.

“This type of feedback does let me know where their views are and what their vision for the district is,” he said.

Evaluation rankings

Superintendent David Young’s performance was evaluated by school board members Monday. On a rating scale of 0 to 6 — 0 being below average, 1.5 being average, 3 being commendable, 4.5 being exceptional, and 6 being superior — here are his results:


supervision: 5.1

Planning: 5.4

Budget: 6

Board meetings: 6

Programs: 4.9

Personnel: 5.4

Buildings/grounds: 6

Instruction: 4.8

Transportation: 5.4

Public relations: 4.5

Communications: 4.5

Miscellaneous (performs other duties assigned by the board): 5.7


and integrity: 5.7


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