Tourism Commission funds homecoming, hears about Town Center

Photo by Dillan Combs

Missy Bundy, member of the Laurel County Home Coming Commission, approached the London Tourism and Convention Commission to secure funds for this year's homecoming. 

Missy Bundy approached the London Tourism and Convention Commission requesting funds for Laurel County Homecoming. She told the council that over half of the members of the homecoming committee had walked off after last year.

"I'm just being frank with you all right now, homecoming's in crisis right now. There are some serious administrative problems," Bundy said.

With homecoming slated for August 15 through 18, Bundy admitted that homecoming should have been brought up to the commission months ago.

"I think it's worth saving," she added.

Commission member Starr Handy brought up the plan to pledge $5,000 to Laurel County Homecoming, as long as Bundy presents necessary documents such as a budget and a list of homecoming board members at a later date.

The commission approved that plan. Bundy will later visit Laurel County Fiscal Court to continue securing Laurel County Homecoming.

Architect Darren Henson appeared with an update on the London Town Center project -- an ongoing effort to erect a park and stage on the once-vacant parking lot next to London Elementary. According to Henson, demolition of the premise is complete and the project is moving on to its next phase.

Currently, consultants are preparing bids for various aspects of the construction project. Henson is still waiting on bids from the electrical consultant, which he expects to come in by some time before next week.

A special London Tourism and Convention Commission meeting will be called Tuesday, May 29 at noon to accept bids.

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