January 26, 1905 – COMMISSIONER’S SALE. LAUREL CIRCUIT COURT JAMES SPARKS & C; PLAINTIFF VS FRANCIS HOUSE, DEFENDANT. By virtue of judgment herein, the undersigned will on Monday, February 6th, 1905, between one and four o’clock p.m. sell to the highest bidder, at public outcry, the following property or so much of same as will be necessary to satisfy the sum of $64.05, the house and lot where Francis House now lives on Main Street, in London, Kentucky. Sale will be made on a credit of six months, purchaser to give bond with approved security. R. BOYD, JR., M. C. L. C. C. [Master Commissioner Laurel Circuit Court]

January 26, 1905 – Mr. James Sparks was in Corbin during the week on business.

February 23, 1905 – Mr. James Sparks has opened up a grocery and restaurant near the depot. Mr. Calvin Jones is in charge of the business.

March 16, 1905 – HIT WITH A POKER During the trial of a case in Judge Reams court last Saturday in which Attorney James Sparks and J. M. Thompson were interested, some hard words were indulged in. The arguments became very heated, when Mr. Thompson grabbed a poker and rapped Sparks over the head, inflicting a very painful though not serious wound. Mr. Sparks also received a very bad cut on his left hand. The combatants were separated and Mr. Sparks was taken to his home covered with blood where he received medical attention. Mr. Thompson waived an examination and was bound over to await the action of the grand jury, giving bond for his appearance.

March 30, 1905 – Mr. James Sparks was in Corbin during the week.

April 27, 1905 – LILY NEWS James Sparks of London was in our midst Sunday.

June 8, 1905 – Mrs. C. L. Troutman of East Bernstadt, was visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks this week.

July 20, 1905 – Mr. Charles Warren of Pineville, was visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks.

July 20, 1905 – Mrs. C. L. Troutman, of East Bernstadt, was here several days last week on a visit to her parents Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks.

July 27, 1905 – VIVA NEWS On Sunday last while Mrs. Dr. C. L. Troutman was driving her fine horse on the town hill just west of the city, a horse driven by Mr. C. L. Rogers became unruly and backed into Mrs. Troutman’s buggy, causing her horse to become frightened and run away, overturning the buggy, dragging Mrs. Troutman a considerable distance and badly bruising her. Miss Annie Gregory, who was also in the buggy, sustained painful though not serious injuries. The buggy was completely demolished. Mrs. Troutman was taken to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks, where medical aid was rendered and she was able to return to her home at East Bernstadt Sunday night.

July 27, 1905 – Mrs. James Sparks visited her daughter Mrs. C. L. Troutman, at East Bernstadt.

August 3, 1905 – Miss Cora Troutman, of East Bernstadt, visited her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks this week.

August 10, 1905 - James Sparks was on White Oak Sunday.

August 31, 1905 – Mr. Charles Litteral has formed a partnership with Mr. James Sparks and will be found at the depot restaurant hereafter.

September 7, 1905 – Mrs. C. L. Troutman of East Bernstadt, was in London this week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks.

September 21, 1905 Mr. R. D. Owens returned Monday from South McAlester, I. T. having in custody James D. Barrett, indicted at the last February term of the Laurel Circuit Court for obtaining money under false pretenses. Barrett drew a check and secured the endorsement of Mr. James Sparks. The check proved to be worthless and Barrett was indicted. He left and was recently captured in the West. He is now in jail awaiting trial.

September 28, 1905 – Mrs. Matilda Byble an old and respected lady of Fariston died last Thursday night and was buried at Old Union graveyard Friday, Rev. W. L. Brock conducting the funeral services. She was an aunt of attorney James Sparks of this place.

October 19, 1905 – On motion of Judge W. L. Brown, the chairman appointed a committee of five for the purpose of drafting resolutions and the following gentlemen were named: W. L. Brown, Chairman; William Lewis, W. G. Bradford, James Sparks, and John R. Boreing, who reported the following resolutions. [This committee was formed because of a public outcry against the hanging of Virgil Bowers who had been found guilty of murdering George Farris and given a life sentence in prison instead of death. I won’t go into detail about the murder or the resolutions. Basically the resolutions said Mr. Bowers had been tried by a jury of his peers and the citizens of Laurel County were outraged by his murder and pledged to assist bringing the perpetuators of the crime to justice. However, I do not think anyone was ever tried for the hanging.]

November 16, 1905 – Attorney James Sparks was in Lily, last Friday on legal business.

November 23, 1905 – Mr. and Mrs. James Sparks gave a few of their many friends a sumptuous dinner at their home in East London Sunday. Mrs. Sparks can not be surpassed when it comes to getting up a good dinner and the guests enjoyed themselves to their hearts’ content. Those present were Messrs. Tip Sparks and Jack Pollard, Mrs. Mollie Pitman, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. McHargue, Mrs. Dr. C. L. Troutman and two children Miss Cora and Master Stewart, of East Bernstadt; Miss Mancy Taylor, Louisville, Miss Minnie Troutman, of Lebanon Junction, Miss Exie Stevens, of Bald Rock, and Miss Lizzie Farrs.

Next week I hope to share another Logan Ewell story concerning James Sparks.

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