This chain saw-wielding monster is back as part of the London-Laurel County Rescue Squad Haunted House.

Even the very brave will come out with knees knocking, teeth chattering and throats raw after they survive (assuming they do) going through the London-Laurel County Rescue Squad’s Haunted House this year.

House builders have come up with new twists and turns this year, involving rocking grannies, screeching sirens and skeletons rising (quickly) from their coffin. Rescue Squad members are also using one serious fog machine to lend an added layer of eeriness to the strobe-pulsing fun.

“Oh, there’s going to be fog,” Capt. Tony Brown said. “It puts out 17,000 cubic feet per minute.”

About 15 Rescue Squad members will be roaming the haunted house at any one time, popping out of holes, sneaking up over shoulders and blatantly chasing visitors with chain saws.

Last year, the results were impressive.

“One guy puked on himself,” Brown chuckled.

Urination, fainting and running all the way down Main Street were some other memorable reactions to the experience.

“Some just get out and sit down,” Operations Manager Lester VanHook said. “They can’t get up.”

The Rescue Squad has already had its trial run this year, opening the house for two nights during the World Chicken Festival.

“This time a guy wouldn’t go through,” VanHook said. “His girlfriend said, ‘If he’s not going, I’m not going.’ They only made it past the first scene and turned back.”

The Haunted House is a fundraiser for the Rescue Squad, which hopes to raise $12,000. The funds will be used to pay for equipment and building renovations.

Rescue Squad Chief Larry VanHook invited all to attend, daring visitors to test their courage.

“This year’s Haunted House offers fun for all ages, young and old,” he said. “Be prepared.”

The Haunted House is open at 7 p.m. tonight, tomorrow, Oct. 17, 18, 24, 25, 29, 30 and 31. Tickets are $7.

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