Orange diamond-shaped signs, orange and white striped barrels, and bright yellow heavy equipment have been familiar sights throughout the Laurel County community this spring and summer.

And that sight will continue into the fall months and into next spring, according to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials.

Sherri Chappell, chief district manager for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 11 based in Manchester, addressed the London-Laurel County Chamber of Commerce Thursday, and detailed the completed road projects as well as future plans for state roads within the county.

“We have several projects nearing completion. The turn lane for the Career Readiness Center is near completion and the concrete patching on (Ky.) 192 and I-75,” Chappell said. “I know we announced that the roundabout project on (Ky.) 363 and (Ky.) 1006 would start this fall but we had some problems with the utilities so we won’t be letting that until October.”

Chappell added that the construction for the roundabout that will replace the current four-way stop will begin in the spring of next year.

“We will be doing the majority of the work in the summer so as not to interfere with the school year and heavier traffic,” she said.

Other projects gearing up in the county include Ky. 578, which runs from Ky. 490 to Ky. 638 to Terrell’s Creek Road. Removing and replacing concrete slabs along Ky. 192, U.S. 25-E and I-75 are also in the wings, as is removal of hazardous trees on state routes throughout the county.

Chappell said other projects that are nearing the final stages of paperwork besides roundabout project at Ky. 1006 and Ky. 363 include the frontage road from Ky. 80 (Russell Dyche Memorial Highway to Parker Road. This road will run behind the Flav-o-Rich (now Borden) plant and past the Heritage Hills property, allowing easier access. The frontage road project will end at the current street intersection of Falls Road with West 16th Street, which becomes Parker Road at that same intersection.

The section of roadway from Ky. 1006, across from the U.S. 25 entrance to Levi Jackson State Park back toward London is another project set to begin next spring. Chappell said the right-of-way process has already begun for that project.

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