Ten days into his new job as Laurel County Sheriff, Fred Yaden has been completing proceedural details and finalizing the schedule for his 12 road deputies.

Yaden said the department investory has been completed. The 2007 tentative budget has been accepted by the fiscal court and property tax collections will begin again Tuesday. Yaden suspended the payments until an audit could be completed and the results certified by Yaden and outgoing Sheriff Gene Hollon.

“There have been no big bumps,” Yaden said. “Because we suspended the tax payments, we will extend the January deadline for an additional two weeks.”

Yaden said he and his deputies have been collecting information about a variety of criminal cases, while making a significant number of arrests, and in the coming weeks, more arrests will be made.

The deputies will begin a new schedule that will allow Yaden to institute his idea of having the deputies at strategic locations throughout the county instead of individual deputies being required to travel from one end of the county to the other in response to calls.

“Everything is falling into place,” Yaden said.

Later this year, the department will be adding four additional road deputies, Yaden said. Two of those are deputies who were called to active duty when the Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 149th Infantry was deployed to Iraq. Two other deputies will be undergoing POPS training.

“It is just a matter of us getting enough boots on the ground,” Yaden said.

Yaden credited Lead Investigator Charlie Loomis and Chief Deputy Delbert McKnight, who are both veterans of the Kentucky State Police, for their help in instituting the changes.

“They both bring a lot to the table,” Yaden said. “I couldn’t ask for two finer men to work with.”

Yaden also credited the deputies and the office staff for continuing to perform their duties and taking the changes in stride.

“It’s been a very hectic few weeks, but everyone’s attitude has been super,” Yaden said. “They (deputies and staff) have been working like the professionals they are.”

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