It didn’t take long for the Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement to get the CB radio singing Wednesday.

“There’s one!” said one passing trucker. “There’s another one!”

The speaker crackled for a minute and then: “Two more! Man, that’s five trucks pulled over. KY is having a party today!”

Officer Greg Reams sat in his cruiser typing out a ticket and chuckling with every comment. Behind him sat four of his fellow officers, each writing tickets in blinking cruisers that made a blue trail along Interstate 75.

They call it “wolf pack detail,” a sting operation of sorts in which KVE officers lie in wait while their front man shoots speeding cars with laser.

But while wolf pack sounds ordinary enough, the KVE have a very secret weapon working for them these days. Their front man in this case is hidden in a “broken” minivan with hood up and blinkers on.

“We call it the mommy van,” Reams said laughing.

It’s a detail the officers have been working for the past weeks, ever since the speed limit on I-75 was bumped up to 70 mph.

“With the increase in the speed limit, people are traveling a little faster,” Reams said. “But the tolerance level for speeding is not what it used to be.”

On Wednesday, the officers were concentrating on pulling over commercial trucks.

“By stopping these trucks we’re able to do a lot more investigation than a typical police officer,” Reams said.

In addition to checking driver’s licenses and proof of insurance, the officers inspect the trucks to make sure they comply with federal safety regulations. They also check the driver’s log book.

“If it shows they’ve been driving more than 11 hours, we can’t let them drive,” Reams said.

On Wednesday, Reams wrote a ticket to a Kentucky man who was caught going 80 miles per hour, did not have an annual inspection on his truck and had not kept his log book current.

But while Reams and his fellow officers easily trapped a first round of speeding motorists, the truckers were soon chirping on the CB, warning each other of the police presence.

For this reason, the officers are constantly on the move, almost akin to anglers looking for the fish.

“We have to float around,” Reams said. “They let each other know a police officer is working a particular area.”

Wednesday morning, the officers roamed from I-75’s exit 25 to northbound exit 41 to southbound exit 41 and back to exit 25.

But eventually, Reams and crew had found the money spot, the same spot that last week resulted in 30 citations in three hours. Within minutes, all five vehicles had made a catch.

And soon the truckers knew it: “Whew-ee! They’re busy today!”

Staff writer Tara Ka-prowy can be reached by e-mail at

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