North Laurel's boys and girls tennis teams continued their winning ways after picking up another sweep, this time against Williamsburg.

The Lady Jaguars won five singles matches and both doubles matches to defeat the Lady Yellow Jackets, 8-1, while the Jaguars shut out the Yellow Jackets with a 9-0 victory.

"It was another good match for us to gain some confidence for our young team," North Laurel coach Bob Smith said about the Lady Jaguars' win. "Our schedule picks up from here on out so it's been positive for us to pick up wins in our last couple matches moving forward.

"This is the first year for Williamsburg's boys program and they were short-handed today," he added. "Luckily for both teams, both their boys played a couple singles matches and a couple doubles matches. This got all our boys time on the court while also giving their boys some more experience."


North Laurel 8, Williamsburg 1


No. 1 - Jaron Gray (NL) def. Caitlynne Hill (W), 8-0

No. 2 - Eva Clark (NL) def. Channing Baker (W), 8-2

No. 3 - Baylie McCreary (NL) def. Amber Meadors (W), 8-0

No. 4 - Brianna Roedel (NL) def. Renee Lumley (W), 8-1

No. 5 - Brianna Kinder (W) def. Haley Taylor (NL), 8-6

No. 6 - Default


No. 1 - Clark/McCreary (NL) def. Hill/Baker (W), 8-4

No. 2 - Reece Couch/Lorin Sasser (NL) def. Meadors/Lumley, (W) 8-3

No. 3 - Default


North Laurel 9, Williamsburg 0


No. 1 - Trey Walton (NL) def. Ricky York (W), 8-0

No. 2 - Lucas Ball (NL) def. Derek Meadows (W), 8-3

No. 3-6 - Default


No. 1 - Trendon Ball/Noah Boggs (NL) def. York/Meadows (W) 8-0

No. 2-3 - Default

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